Wednesday Evening Race Series

Wednesday racing is open to members and non-members subject to completing the entry form and paying of the entry fee. Both are to be lodged with the MYC office prior to racing. The entry fees are £30 for the two series or £5 per race.

Racing is open to: Cruisers, Dragon, Sonata, Squibs, Dinghies with a PY.

The first race will be 29th May 2024 and run weekly until 31st July 2024 (10 races)

There will be two series covering the ten Each series will have five consecutive races with the best four races to count. If there are less than five races sailed in a series then all races sailed are to count.

The scheduled time of the warning signal for the races will be:

 Dinghies                  18:45                           Numeral pennant 3

  Cruisers                  18:55                           Numeral pennant 1