Dragons 1

The Dragon Class today has about 1,400 boats worldwide registered to
National Dragon Class Associations in 30 countries, with many older boats still sailing. Between 35 and 50 new boats are built each year. The class’s major international championships and regattas have fleets of between 60 and 100 boats and many national events see 40 boats on the line. Participation ranges from many Olympic medalists and World champions through to club sailors, all of whom are characterised by their affection for these beautiful boats.


The Dragon is a One Design Class meaning that development is strictly controlled. But most importantly – because the boats are so similiar – our racing is very close and competitive. 

It is sailed usually with a crew of three. However, more and more boats are now sailing with four lighter crew.

The Medway River is a great location for this competitive racing – with relatively flat water we can sail safely in a wide range of wind strengths. We race every Saturday afternoon with 5-6 regular boats on the start line.

Most Dragons do not have anti fouling paint, meaning regular cleaning of the undersides is very important. The Club provides options for this from full “dry sailing”, to Club staff clean, to the provision of the equipment to DIY.

The strengths of the class remain the beauty and attraction of the boats, the possibility of competing at almost any level and the friendship of those involved.

For more information email Dragon Class Captain