Musto Skiffs

The Musto Skiff is a high performance singlehanded one design dinghy. Internationally supported, it attracts fleets in excess of 100 boats at its World Championships and in excess of 80 for the UK National Championships. It is also one of the most pro-active fleets when it comes to training and helping new sailors in the class, developing them into champions


The Musto Skiff is the ultimate singlehanded challenge, with its trapeze and asymmetric kite it can be a handful but with the right technique anyone can master it, we have sailors from 16-70 actively sailing in the fleet. For more detail visit

MYC has a new fleet which includes some of the most consistent Musto sailors on the planet who have numerous World, European and National Championship top 5 placings over the last 20 years and we hope to attract more to the fleet by arranging some test sails whenever someone wants to give it a go

If you would like more information contact the Class Captain or ask one of us when you see us in the dinghy park, it’s a great group, come and give it a go!