Wayfarer Race Report: Wednesday 29th May

The first evening race of the season. The report will be short and sweet, very much like the race.

4 starters, India, Black Jack, Little Angel and Knot Rushin. It was great to have a couple of new sailors as crew so the decision to only fly white sails was made. A nice short course was set, 30, 30a, 30, 30a all to port. The start was on a high but falling tide and light winds giving most a struggle to even get to the line. Then a gentle downwind sail to 30 with Little Angel in the lead followed by India, Knot Rushin and Black Jack I believe. Little Angel slid backwards over the next couple of marks choosing to stay in the tide more than others, and by the last mark at 30a the order was India, Black Jack, Knot Rushin and Little Angel, who happened to be in the perfect spot to see that Phil had decided to go inside 30a instead of to port!

By the time we finished the order was India, Black Jack and Little Angel with Knot Rushin gracefully retiring. Same time next week…

Report written by Jonathan Davies, Little Angel