Wayfarer Race Report: Saturday 1st June

With 15 – 25mph winds coming from the North,  course 72 was chosen, basically up & down between the forts a couple of times, then back to the club.

Only 4 boats made it to the start line, 2 boats crew were stuck on the M25.

At the start, boats were mindful of the strong ebbing tide, Ubique & La Rive were OCS, but only Ubique managed to get back and start properly, LR thought he had, but was told after the race that he didn’t, (better luck next time Alberto).

Going down heartbreak we were met by barges coming back, I didn’t have the bottle to shout Starboard at one😂.

Going down to 30, it was time for spinnakers, which turned out disastrous for Ubique, we some how managed to get it stuck under the boat, and nearly got an early shark point😢. After sorting ourselves out without going into the mud, we carried on (without the use of the spinnaker again).

It was catch up time, Moonshine, Knot Rushing & La Rive had all rounded 30 and storming down Gillingham Reach to buoys 26, 27 & 24.

Moonshine & KR had a brilliant sail down between the forts, Ubique managed to overtake LR before 24.

Moonshine & KR had a good 2 boat race, Ubique was slowly closing the gap, but without the use of a spinny kept loosing it again.

The results were Moonshine, KR, Ubique and unfortunately Disq.  for Alberto in La Rive.

I would just like to thank Nigel for standing in for my normal crew, I hope I didn’t wear you out too much👏👍

Report written by Chris Parish. Ubique