Wayfarer Race Report: Saturday 25th May

7 Wayfarers on the starting grid.

Weather was sunny, with some cloud cover and steady force 3/4 easterly but most important it was DRY!

Course 86 was selected. 5.8m 2 laps of Gillingham reach.

30(P) 26(P) 27(P) 28(S) 29(P) 30(P) 26(P) 27(P) 28(S) 30(P)

A good start with Muffin, Ubique, Moonshine and Loose Knots starting mid river and headed off to the Northshore to escape the rising tide, Wild Thing, La Rive to and Blackjack following closely behind.

Short tacking up the north shore was fairly uneventful until past Wilsonions when Muffin, then in the lead, put in one more tack taking them closer to Hoo creek whereas Ubique decided to head off to 30p. This proved to be a genius decision catapulting Ubique into the lead (You can pay me later Chris).

By the time we arrived at 30 the wind had more of a northly direction resulting no beat to 26 but a close reach instead making place changing opportunities a little limiting and reliant on errors.

At the end of the first lap Ubique was settled into the lead with Muffin, Moon, Loose chasing.

Regrettably, due to the wind direction and tide, the places didn’t change much after this as far as I can tell, we seem to stretch out more.

Final placings, Ubique, Muffin, Moonshine, Looseknots, Wild Thing, La Rive and BlackJack.

Report written by Tony Alexander, Moonshine