Wayfarers race report Saturday 4th May 2024

Wayfarer race report Saturday 4th May 2024.The forecast was for NE 8-15 kn, due to weaken in the afternoon . High water (HW) was at 10:15 , and HM (high mud) at 16:34.

So, similar air but opposite water to the previous race. Course 70 was decided in consultation with the race box, as the one offering 29P in common with other classes for a potential course shortening. Five Wayfarers in the water (Hercules Hound, Knot Rushing, Black Jack, Wild Thing 2 and La Rive). A very close start characterised by boats going up and down along the start line (there is surely a proper nautical description for this) made it impossible for the race box to spot sail numbers and conclude if and who was marginally over the line. Approaching Mears , Wild Thing 2 leading, an incredulous La Rive second, followed closely and not for long by Hercules Hound, Knot Rushing and Black Jack. Wild Thing 2 got diverted by a close encounter with a dragon, and the Hound was the first at 26, followed by an increasingly incredulous La Rive , both helm and crew too focused to look backwards. La Rive marvellous performance lasted until 23, and it was on the broad reach/run to 24 that Knot Rushing managed to climb up to second, the two helms blowing raspberries (more or less the equivalent of the italian ‘facendosi le pernacchie’) in the process, jibing together, side by side, at 24, with La Rive then following closely to 29 and the Hound gradually disappearing in the front.

The wind was steady, and the race continued, back to 26, 23, 24 and the club with pretty much the same positions, with Wild Thing 2 and Black Jack not too far behind and gaining gradually on La Rive, much more performing up wind than down wind. Wild Thing eventually managed to overtake and beat La Rive by 15 seconds, with Black Jack just a minute behind, at 16:03 , which meant that all five boats gathered happily in the low water and high knee-deep mud , requiring a considerable team effort and some gymnastics to get them back on the hard. Daniels’ technique of lifting the launching trolley rear wheels altogether above the mud bank was particularly impressive.

The twist in the tail was that Hercules Hound and Wild Thing 2 had not signed on , triggering therefore a 20% penalty , with uncertainty how the calculations would work out. It was therefore decided to leave it to Sailwave , and to keep the prosecco in the fridge . The Class Captain felt obliged to volunteer for the Race Report, which turned out to be an accidentally accurate prediction. Sail wave results, on the water: Knot Rushing, Hercules Hound, La Rive, Wild Thing 2, and Black Jack. Congratulations to Knot Rushing for their first win of the season. Philip, the bubbles are in your court…