Sonata Spring Series 3 Race Report

Race report May 11th

Race 3 of the early spring series saw racers greeted with fine spring weather, sunny (ish), warm enough for Richard to lose one of the many layers for another guest appearance on Munchkin.

A very strong spring tide flooding for most of the race, made for a very interesting course set by our illustrious leader.

I am sure most boats like us did not recognise half the marks until they were looked up on the “map” A job made more difficult on Blue Tack as the lovely, laminated copy has not yet made it from the captain’s garage to the boat. We all, with various levels of poor eyesight huddled around my phone to look at the map provided (thankfully) by Mr B. on the “what is up” app.

So, course plotted, to the start, with the tide ripping surely the shallows were the place to be short tacking out to Gillingham reach.

Everyone picked a side, Musical and Screwloose picked the North bank and Screwloose skilfully (very ungentlemanly though what) forced musical to duck and cover to avoid one of those pesky moored boats.

They (Musical) got the last laugh though emerging in front of everyone and bucking convention decided to motor straight up the middle of the channel leaving those of us short tacking in the shallows bemused how they got so far ahead of us.

Off up the reach to MYA1 and then a handbrake turn to head back through Hoo Creek (oooh never raced thro there before). Lots of finger pointing trying to identify H1, 2 and 3 and then more confusion about why we were leaving the westerly cardinal to starboard? Anyone else wonder this?

So back down river we went, Musical charging ahead, followed by Screwloose. Blue tack next in a grand ding dong battle with Skipper close behind, and Munchkin not far adrift. Thistle someone bringing up the rear.

We took a punt staying south of the channel intending to pop out miles ahead of everyone laughing and joking about our genius decision. Alas it made bugger all difference and when we all merged again it was all status quo.

Then off to another new destination (how lucky are we), South Yantlet Creek. But which was the turning mark, thankfully Ian led the way showing us all where to go.

Then it was a spinny run all the way home, everyone held station, Skipper decided to give those of us on Blue Tack sore necks dodging in and out of the moorings to try to get past us, but some canny covering on BT meant we held out 3 place.

The 12 points and the champagne from the UK jury go to Musical for a masterful display, showing everyone a clean pair of heels from the get go.

1st – Musical

2nd – Screwloose

3rd – Blue Tack

4th – Skipper

5th – Munchkin

6th – Thistle

 ForeDug out.