Wayfarer Race Report ~ Sat 28th Oct

There were 8 intrepid sailors who turned up for the last race of the season.
Course 65 was the chosen course, 26 & MYA1 repeatedly. It was mentioned we might have an upstream 1st mark, but it was decided against, because of the tide.
The runners & riders were Muffin, Moonshine, Ubique, Loose Knots, Wild Thing, Hard Tack, Knot Rushing, & Black Jack.
The wind wasn’t as strong as forecasted, but we did get some strong gusts occasionally.
Muffin, Ubique & Moonshine all had good starts, kites up straight away, followed by the rest of the fleet. That’s the way it stayed for most of the race, Moonshine & Ubique had some great tacking duals between the forts with Muffin covering both just in case. After rounding 26 for the last time, Ubique had spinnaker problems, which led to Moonshine & Muffin getting away.
Coming back down Heartbreak reach Moonshine managed to get past Muffin to bag 1st place, then Muffin, Ubique, knot Rushing, Loose Knots, Wild Thing, Black Jack & Hard Tack.
Should make a very interesting points score, for the final positions in the series.
Just have to wait for the prize giving!!