Wayfarer Race report for Sat 14th Oct

6 boats took to water. Course 64 was selected. Wind was a westerly and f4 at Sheppey, so we hit the water expecting a busy race.
Running start to 28 with Muffin taking an early lead, arguably tight on the line, but, as in all sport, you play to the whistle and so we carried on.
Muffin was first 28 with Moonshine, and Ubique and Hound in hot pursuit with Knots and Fin bringing up the rear.
A tough beat to 30a against a strong spring tide, coupled with the F4 dropping to a 2/3, split the fleet with some up the south bank, some North and Ubique staying in the tide hoping for better wind.
Round 30a and off downwind to 24. Muffin still in the lead, then Moonshine, Hound Unbique and Knots. Fin retired apparently.
Round 24 and then up to Hoo 1, back to 24 then Hoo1 then off to 26.
Lots of chatter about shortening course on the radio but nothing concrete at this point.
Unbique and Hound were changing places with Hound eventually taking over due to Ubique having to take a turn. Not sure why.
Rounded 26 back to the club with Muffin in the distance and crossing the river to get out of the tide. Hound and Moon did the same but Hound did this much earlier meaning they closed the gap on Moonshine.
As we headed up the North Shore it appears a finish line was created. As Moonshine approached the line it became apparent that the line wasn’t square, a point Hound noted tacking on the line and stealing 2nd place from Moonshine.
Final positions.
Muffin, Hound, Moonshine, Ubique and Knots.
In summary a great course, lots to think about and another lesson learnt by Moonshine.