Wayfarer Race Report 21/10/23

A good turnout followed a productive AGM despite some unpleasant rain all morning. Wind forecasts were not all in agreement but direction was southerly with f4 dropping as the afternoon continued. The clouds cleared for the start and other than one light shower during the race we had nice conditions. Course chosen was 68, twice through the forts with a flood tide.
Kites were flown for the start with the wind on the beam and the fleet spread along the line looking for clear breeze. The wind was patchy through the buildings and fortunes varied but ultimately Hound got a 10m lead over Moonshine by mears with Muffin and Ubique following. The fleet was already split into two groups, with Thing, Knot rushin, la rive and Loose Knots forming their own fight which we didn’t witness.
Places remained the same through the first beat and run but very close. On the second beat, moonshine briefly passed in front of Hound but lost it on a shift. From 25 to home was a close reach along Gillingham. Hound went high, Muffin low and Moonshine covered Muffin. The flood tide boosted Hound out of reach, while the fight for second luffed eventually into the dead air by the blue buildings. In the swirling light airs, moonshine dropped kite a bit early allowing muffin to take second and nearly let a surging Ubique through. Thing had a good race, taking 5th followed by knots (loose) and knot (rushin). La rive bringing up the rear after a mark rounding direction issue was helpfully pointed out by Phillip 🫤
Good race with one to go.
Moonshine boys.