Medway Sonatas Race report 21st October 2023

Todays race report comes to you from HMS Blue Tack.

As crews mustered in the clubhouse the weather was decidedly “damp”, it was raining cats and dogs, I know, on my walk to the club I stepped in a poodle. Boom boom.

After much deliberation by all crews in the warm dry clubhouse, all plucky souls headed out to their charges for the days racing.

For the days racing we had:

Water “Sing” Song
Le Tack Bleu
Screw up
Skippedy do da
Thistle make things turn out for the best (any Monty python fans out there?)

Musical S-Express were officiating in the race hut this weekend.

Thankfully the wet stuff moved on and a south to south Westerly (ish) breeze of about force 3 met the racers.
A good start had by all, some elected for white sails, the rest of us all went full tilt with spinnies up.

Watersong nudged ahead with Blue Tack nibbling at their heels.

We made a poor decision and dropped the kite a tad too early, and then the usual flukey wind at the end of heartbreak reach struck and as we sailed into a hole, all those behind us just sailed on through us putting us firmly at the back of the fleet. (grrrr)

It was still all to play for at 24 for the dog leg to the left between the forts.
A few gybes later and we found ourselves tight into the shore at Darnet fort.
Lots of debate on board, was there enough water, how close can we get, Are you sure?

Turns out there was nor enough, you can’t get that close and no, clearly, we were not that sure as we had a double donk as keel and then rudder made us come to a very rapid stop on the old war defenses. (Weren’t they supposed to stop the Germans getting upriver?)

Thankfully a swift gybe and we were back on course having not lost too much, and in fact by the next mark we had made up and snuck past Skipper and Thistle too.

Back upwind to 26 everyone held station but as we headed down river once more everyone started to concertina a bit with the wind dropping a tad and getting a little more flukey.

Skipper and Thistle with special guest on board of our old chief instructor Briony seemed to be enjoying dueling together up to the head of the course. Skipper just ahead at the mark.

The chase was then on for all, Blue tack with the scent of cake in their nostrils set off in pursuit of Screwloose, alas not enough wind, guile or talent meant Screwloose prevailed and kept their solid 2nd to the indomitable Watersong who were again the class of the fleet.

Thistle managed to overhaul the 2 up Skipper into 4th place.

Final positions:

1st – Watersong
2nd – Screwloose
3rd – Blue Tack
4th – Thistle
5th – Skipper

At least we all made it across the line this week!!!!

Only one more week left in the season, hope to see you all out their next week, we may even see Lucian, Tori and Johnny out on silver lining for the final swansong of the year.

Don’t forget there is a buffet next week after racing so best wear your stretchy pants screwloose so you have extra room after the obligatory cake!!

Sail on brother