Sonata Race Report ~ 16th September 2023

Date: 16th September 2023 and start was 2.30pm.

This report: Brought to you for the first time by the crew of Munchkin. In keeping with our namesake it will be short, but generally less offensive than the little people who appeared in Wizard of Oz!

Event: Today was Commodore’s Day and featured the All Comers race so our start was shared with Squibs, Wayfarers and Dragons. As well as qualifying for points in the Sonata series, we were also competing for the Lemon Trophy on corrected PY time!

Weather conditions: Sunny with a gentle easterly wind of around Force 2. The high water mark was 2.33pm which meant the early beats were against the current and the later ones were with it.

5 Sonatas: Screwloose, Blue Tack, Cry Havoc, Munchkin and Watersong

Course: Between two buoys in the river with a spreader mark at the end of the beat.

The race: All boats made a clean start down river, after Blue tack ducked back below the line following pre- start exuberance. Screwloose lead the way up the first beat followed by Watersong and by the top mark Munchkin was in 3rd position, CryHavoc 4th and Blue Tack in 5th. Sadly the positions remained the same throughout the race which proved to be somewhat processional and which meant the winner was Screwloose.

The results of the Handicap race were a Lemon for the Sonatas, however cake for all at teatime was a welcome consolation!

Adrian & Julian