Wayfarer Race Reprt ~ Sat 29th July

Wayfarer race report Saturday 29th July
Conditions: SW 17mph Gusting 23mph – HW 10:05hrs
Course: 26p, MYA1p, 26p, MYA1p, 26s 30p Home
Attendance: Hard Tack, Hercules Hound, Knot Rushin’, Muffin, Wild Thing and Ubique.

Six boats racing and five had their spinnakers flying soon after the start. Whilst it was fairly close, Muffin took the lead closely followed by Hercules Hound, Ubique, Knot Rushin, Wild Thing and Hard Tack. Spinnakers down approaching Mears and Knot Rushin got ahead of Ubique but Wild Thing got ahead of both of them. Approaching 26 for the first time saw Muffin in front closely followed by Hercules Hound leaving quite a gap to WT, KN, Ubique and HT.

Now we are all on the run to MYA1 for the first time. Unusually Knot Rushin’ was the first to put her spinnaker up (the helm was given no choice in the matter!) the rest quickly followed but the green and white spinnaker was not to be seen for some considerable time – HH must have been closing in as finally the green and white spinnaker was flying which kept them in the lead round MYA1 but HH was now only two boat lengths behind.
Behind the two leaders KR took 3rd position from WT and Ubique was closing the gap with HT following.

So Muffin and HH were tacking up the Hoo shore and a dual was taking place but all the positions stayed the same rounding 26 for the second time and back to MYA1.
Hard Tack retired at this stage of the race. So the battle was on and the dual continued from MYA1 to 26 for the last time. Again we all tacked up the Hoo shore (where it was evident from washing the boats down later some had gone aground – well believe me that is better than capsizing!) and it looked as though HH was closing the gap on Muffin who had been covering their position with panache.

On approaching Folly Hercules Hound took the lead and rounded 26 before heading home via 30 but was it all over? HH and Muffin were seen to be tacking approaching Mears – KR in 3rd noted this and kept high as did WT and even more so Ubique. Could there be a twist in the tale? There was still heartbreak reach to accomplish. HH kept their lead but again the following boats noted that both HH and Muffin were tacking close to the moorings opposite the Wilsonians. The line was approaching, could we put in a late attack? It was not to be so third, fourth and fifth went to KR, Ubique and WT. Meanwhile HH was still defending her lead from Muffin and the positions remained the same. HH took line honours closely followed by Muffin. Post race we all agreed it was a great course.