Sonata Race report ~ Sat 29th July

I fear I am unable to provide an opening weather report quite as comprehensive as the one from Skipper last week. However, the weather was similar, sans rain. Thistle, Skipper, Screwloose and Red Dwarf made for a 4 boat spinnaker start, this week the tide was with us.
Red Dwarf soon took the lead, followed by Skipper, Screwloose and Thistle. The course was a special, a couple of loops by Gillingham Reach and then down to MYA4 and back.
The main entertainment this week was the mud. Skipper was the first to go aground, impressively so. Unfortunately, they were able to dislodge themselves before Screwloose could pass. Unfortunately for Screwloose, not Skipper. Screwloose briefly caressed the bottom up near Hoo Flats. Red Dwarf provided a great demonstration of why Folly Point is called Folly. There were brief traumatic flashbacks onboard Screwloose to last year when Robby stripped to his boxers and manhandled the Dwarf off the mud, thankfully a less dramatic approach was taken this year.
Red Dwarf managed to maintain their lead, there was a brief battle for second between Skipper and Screwloose by the flats on Heartbreak Ridge, the God of Favourable Gusts was not on our side this week, Skipper crossed the line in second place, Screwloose third and Thistle fourth, check out the series results so far below.

Sonata Summer Series 2023v2