Sonata and Dragon Long Race- Saturday 8th July

Amendment to notice of race and sailing instructions for Saturday 8th July.

Notice is hereby given that the race start for Sonatas and Dragons shall be at 1000Hrs with a warning signal at 0955hrs, the race start shall use the MYC advisory light procedure only and no flag signals.

The MYC advisory light procedure is set out in Appendix A of the 2023 Sailing Instructions, this is for Saturday 8th July 2023 Only  to allow for a long-distance race.

This changes Schedule 5.2 of ‘In-River and Windward-Leeward Racing 2023 Notice of Race’

“The racing warning times for July 8th 2023 as follows:

Dragon 09:55 ICF “D”                   Sonata 09:55 ICF “F”

Shall be added.

This changes Schedule 10.2  of ‘In-River and Windward-Leeward Racing

2023 Sailing Instructions’

‘Races will be started using RRS 26 with the warning signal made 5 minutes before the starting signal’ will be deleted and ‘Races will be started using the MYC advisory light procedure in Appendix A’ shall be added.


Here are the details of the Sonata Long Distance Race to be held on Saturday 8 June 2023.

NOR and SIs for MYC events apply

Tides at Sheerness: HW=04.58 (5.84m), LW=11.03 (0.96m), HW=17.11 (5.63m)

Race Start Time: 10.00 hrs

Start and finish Line: MYC Clubhouse line but see course 22 below

Starting Method: to be confirmed by Alistair Bolton

Time Limit: 17.30 hrs for first boat and last boat home within 30 mins of first boat finishing

Courses (taken from MYC Cruiser Class Course Sheet 2023 which can be downloaded from the MYC website) The number of the chosen course will be displayed on the day from the MYC start hut as usual and/or it may also be announced on VHF Chanel M.

Course 38 – 22.6 Nm (full course for favourable conditions): Z2(P), South Kent (P), N Kent (S), 7(P), All Montgomery Wreck Buoys (P), Grain Edge (P), South Kent (S), Stangate Spit (S) Finish at Club Line


Course 22 – 14.5 Nm (for either light or heavy winds): 25(p), 23(S), 18(P), 19(S), 17(S), 18(P), 16(S), Otterham Fairway (P), 14(S), 12(P), 13(P), 15(S), 19(P) 27(P) Finish at Club Line unless course shortened as per MYC Sailing Instructions 2023.

Current Wind Forecast (Hoo): W 8mph at 10.00hrs backing SSE 11mph by 17.00 hrs

Safety Boat Cover: None

VHF Communication: Boat to boat – Channel 72, boat to club line – Chanel M (37)

Prize: ‘Willis Bowl’ for 1st place.