Dragon Race Report ~ 29th Oct 2022

Dear Dragoners,

What a way to end the season! Really close competitive racing (a bit to close on one occasion ) the very best of what club racing can offer. Well done to all that took part.

The wind was forecast from the South force 3 gusting 5. Not how the first race started with virtually no wind at all. Because the tide was still ebbing but was due to change soon, we needed to start on time and not postpone. Tempest and Taniwha were closest to the line had the best start getting the odd puff which set them on their way. The closer we all got to the Wilsonian’s the more the breeze started to infill which took us on our way to Buoy 13 , Zulu 2 and Stangate Spit. It was a bit of a trek all the way but we were all still very close with Taniwha holding the lead. The real racing wasn’t going to start until reaching West Bulwark and beating up to the windward mark which was Booze. Four boats had now stretched the lead Taniwha, Gandalf, Whistle and Suti with OCD and Tempest falling back a bit. Around Booze and back to W.Bull for the last time still in the same order and still very close around 50m between all four boats. The final tack back to Booze with Doraway waiting to finish us saw a lead change right at the end with Taniwha overtaken by first Whistle and then on the line Gandalf. To lead for over two and a half hours and then be beaten on the line by two boats is what Dragons are all about!(still must be gutting)

Finishing order of the first race Whistle, Gandalf, Taniwha, Suti, OCD and Tempest

A short break before the start of the second race with Doraway providing the entertainment. Various flags were hoisted and dropped, horns going off, all of the time they were dragging there anchor. Anyway it wasn’t a championship event and our thanks go to Kevin Harrison and Mike Wallace on Doraway for providing the downriver start and finish.

The start of the second race meant we all squeezed around Doraway with Suti now needing to keep in front of OCD or just behind to win the second place in our overall seasons results. OCD were just in front going around Doraway when Suti gave her a bit of a nudge(it was that or hit Doraway). This meant Suti doing a penalty turn, not what we needed. The first mark was W.Bull with OCD getting mark room on the rest of the fleet going round in first place and Suti in 5th ,again not what was needed, but great for OCD. Windward leg back to Booze before our trek home saw us all very close with OCD still leading but with Taniwha and Gandalf followed by the rest of us very close behind. Round MYA4 then onto Buoy 19 saw a lead change with Taniwha and Gandalf in front with OCD, Whistle and a metre behind Suti chasing hard. Still some racing to go as I had put in another couple of beats into the course. The first one to Buoy 24, back to MYA1 with the final beat to Buoy 26 before finishing at the Seagas line.
As we all go around MYA1 Suti tacks away to clear her air and in doing so gets a good wind and lee bow jumping in front of both Whistle and OCD going around Buoy 24. Taniwha and Gandalf were away 50m in front followed by Suti, Whistle , OCD and Tempest to the Seagas line, which is how we finished.

What great racing and a fantastic way to finish the season. With a buffet , BBQ , Craft beer and entertainment (courtesy of the MDF). That was my last race as Dragon Captain and I hope you have all enjoyed the courses I have set. This year I have not used the clubs course card once, which I hope has made for enjoyable and competitive Dragon racing. Thank you all for your support and look forward to Edwin taking the reins next year.

Honours and congratulations for the day go to 1st Taniwha, 2nd Gandalf 3rd Whistle, 4th Suti , 5th OCD and 6th Tempest( the results for the two races where combined)

I have attached the final results
Congratulations go to Whistle for winning the final series of the year the 211 Cup
I will send out a separate email with the details of the presentation dinner

Regards Trevor and Edwin