Wayfarer Race Report ~ Sat 22nd Oct

All season the crew of the third placed Wayfarer in each race is charged with writing a race report to share with the club. This week sees a departure from that practice with contributions from several of the teams involved in Saturday’s race.

“It was fun” said one. “There was wind” reported another. “I didn’t capsize” added a third (no prizes for guessing that contributor). “Twice between the forts and finish at 30” was the race report from one of the teams. “Exhausting work for the rescue boat….or perhaps not but certainly long” is the view from a regular Wayfarer team carrying out a safety duty in the RIB. A fifth contribution read something like “I beat the Commodore and our boat was harmonious”. All sounds good so far. Now for a little more detail.

The weather was good with light to moderate winds. There was a downwind start with ten boats competing. Ubique (11080, Chris Parish and Kerry Worsfold) took off like a scalded cat increasing her lead in Pinup Reach while the pursuing Hercules Hound (10686, Brian and Liz McKenzie) and Muffin (10974, Richard Stone and Catherine Gore) looked like their monikers.

The third grouping on the water included Moonshine (10618, Tony Alexander and Jon Moon), Devils Advocate (10666, Roger Gibbs and Stan Benwell) and the two Knots; Loose, (10614, Mark Penny and Sarah Mason) and Rushin’ (11405, Philip Clarabut and an unreported family member) all closely contesting for fourth place. This group was eventually broken up by an allegedly errant Sonata allegedly compromising Loose Knots and allowing Moonshine to spring away.

Back at the front of the fleet, Muffin, as so often happens, executed the dark art of navigating shallow water around Darnet to her advantage and took the lead which she held to the end of the race at buoy 30, Catherine beating Richard by a short head.

As usual there was a friendly wash-up over a cup of tea and cake (or something stronger) in the clubhouse after racing.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Wayfarer fleet at Medway YC visit here

Report by committee.