Wayfarer Race Report 8th October

Following a suggestion from Stewart about going through Hoo Creek a special course was created.

WNW meant a running start, and we all headed to the creak constantly changing places and the following wind bunching up the fleet.

Due to the falling tide any route off the marked channel meant you probably touched your centre board. All exited unscathed but also concerned about the return to H3 (hoo green on the course) after 22.

Muffin rounded first with most close on their heels.

Rounded 22 then a short beat up the shore then we all crossed the tide back to Hoo creek. Moonshine and Loose knots got a lift, leaving Muffin, Hound, Quicksilver and Ubique got the south.

As we approach the Muffin clearly touched and turned 90degrees towards the channel with Moonshine in 2nd with the fleet in pursuit.

All bar a couple rounded then we headed back out the channel kites up over to South Yantlet. More bottom touching (o er missus) and off to 26, then the wind dies for 10mins (it felt longer) before a very flukey wind back to 30. Muffin in the distance Moonshine 2nd and Ubique 3rd all tacking frantically to stem the tide on the south side of Hoo island.

Then, Loose knots were lifted from the south shore in the river snatching 2nd place from Moonshine, and Wild thing did the same to Ubique taking his 3rd.

No finish at 30, so we continued into Heartbreak Muffin, Loose Knots Moonshine headed in first with a combo of Wildthing, Ubique and Quicksilver bring up the rear.

Usual tough racking up HB  with the back three swopping places.

Muffin, Loose knots, Moonshine, Quicksilver, Ubique, Wild thing all finished.

Hound and Intermezzo retired.