Squib Racing 3rd September

With a SSW blowing into the mid-teens, course 71 chosen and 4 boats came to the line. Monkey Bus, Water Rat, White Knuckles and Avocet.

Avocet crossed the line just in front of Monkey Business with White Knuckles and Water Rat close behind. Monkey Business opted for the middle of the river and Avocet and White Knuckles went towards the St Mary’s island side with Water Rat inside the moorings on the North shore. With kites up, Monkey Business had chosen well & moved ahead of the fleet, extending their lead over Avocet who extended their lead over White Knuckles  and Water Rat. At Mears Monkey Business was holding a 2 min lead. Heading down to 23 these positions stayed the same with Water Rat retiring near Folly. Going back to 26 and 27 Avocet had moved away from White Knuckles and closed the gap, very slightly, on Monkey Business. Then it was kites up for the run down to 22 where Monkey Business was holding a lead of approx 4 mins. Heading back to 24 Avocet closed the gap on Monkey Business rounding the mark about 3/4 of a boat length behind them. This gap stayed the same until just after Mears where Avocet managed to take the lead after some friendly luffing by Monkey Business. At the line Avocet held a 1 min lead over Monkey Business with White Knuckles  crossing the line about 5 mins later.