Squib Racing 20th August

Course 64 was chosen

1 Sandy Cheeks

2 Black Mark

3 Monkey Business

DNF White Knuckles

DNF Avocet

DNS Winsome

With 6 helms having made it to their boats 5 made it to the start line. The start was a reach with spinnakers to 31. So a lovely sight as 5 squibs with set spinnakers set off. We were all looking for the wind and trying to avoid any holes. Sandy Cheeks got the better of it and then ran into a hole as the rest of the fleet closed in on a puff as they approached 31. Black Mark thought about trying to get water on Sandy Cheeks but the door was closed on them with us all frantically getting spinnakers down and we set off for 29. Sandy Cheeks, Monkey Business   Black Mark, Avocet and White Knuckles. Avocet had made an excellent start but with their “dirty bottom” were already struggling to stay with the pack. At 29 we hoisted spinnakers and headed for 26 and on to 23 with the order staying the same. At 23 we head off for 20 and through the dragon fleet beating up. At 20 order unchanged and spinnakers came down as we beat to MYA1. Having rounded the mark Monkey Business had gear failure with a jam up below decks. This allowed Black Mark to get past Monkey Business by MYA1. As we then rounded 24, Sandy Cheeks, Black Mark, Monkey Business and White Knuckles headed back to 23 while Avocet decided to go home so they could be back in time to have tea with us all. There was definitely a lot of weed on their bottom. The rest of the race places stayed unchanged. On the way past Wilsonian Sandy Cheeks was passed by Ian Foxwell in his “performance craft” who had arrived back from their cruising holiday at 3 am. He was interested to see Avocet a few boat lengths ahead of Sandy Cheeks until he realised they were retiring.

Thanks to everyone for turning out. It was sad to see Tinu couldn’t get a crew to sail Mudlark with and I have challenged Bryony to see how we as a class can support more of the new members to sail in the Squib class.