Sonata Racing 27th August

It was another sunny day on the Medway, with one particularly menacing cloud lurking above 7 Sonatas on the start line. A lapse in our clock comprehension skills aboard Screwloose had us heading to the line a minute early, thankfully no one noticed. A couple of corrective tacks had us at the back of the pack, a familiar location after last week’s event.

This week’s escapade was a trip down to 15, by Oakham Ness Jetty, with a brief chicane along the way. Thanks to a NE wind the foredeck crew had it easy, it was tacking all the way.

With several feet of tentacle-like growth removed the previous day, a freshly waxed and polished bottom had Screwloose on its way. We were moving up the fleet, to position number three.

We watched the contest between Watersong and Red Dwarf, for 1st and 2nd place. With Zoe on-board it was the crew of Red Dwarf who had little choice but to take the lead, making up for last week’s efforts on BD2!

Once around 15 the foredeck crews were roused, and spinnakers were hoisted. The return leg was more of a precession, one where Screwloose managed to avoid the mud, much to our surprise. We met some Dragons along the way, you would think they would be faster, for £100k.

It was Red Dwarf first across the line, with Watersong behind. Screwloose managed 3rd, unlike the previous week this was not a euphemism for last, we celebrated with cake.

A big thanks to all, especially those on duty.