Sonata Racing 20th August

It started as a sunny day with a good but gusty WSW wind. There were three boats on the start line, Cry Havoc took the lead, followed by Screwloose and then BD2. With spinnakers flying we headed down to Sheerness, it didn’t take long for BD2 to pass Screwloose, we’d expect no less from the 3rd place boat at the Nationals. We maintained positions out into the estuary, past Grain Edge then on to Nore Swatch, we then turned south to Number 10, kept the spinnakers flying and watched BD2 overtake Cry Havoc. Screwloose managed to pick up a small kelp farm on our rudder, well, that’s our excuse. We lunched on beer and sandwiches, provided by the stand in crew from Skipper. Welcome back any time guys!

As we made our way down to Folly we watched BD2 stay in the river to pass the barges. It looked as if Cry Havoc was heading to Hoo, “they’ve overshot that” someone proclaimed. Leaving it late they tacked and sneaked along the shore between Folly and the barges, they popped out a considerable distance in front of BD2. well played!

At this point the well provisioned crew of Screwloose were a bit far behind to see the action. As we sailed past Wilsonian we were able to watch Cry Havoc cross the line, followed by BD2. By the time we made it across the line BD2 and Cry Havoc were tying up. We headed back to our mooring, missed the lines and attempted to nonchalantly float past BD2. “What was your excuse?” called out Robbie, “We didn’t want to embarrass you!” was Paul’s response.

A great day on the water, congratulations to Cry Havoc.