Squib Racing 23rd July

Saturday 23rd July

Wind S/SW LW 15.30

Course 66


  1. Sandy Cheeks
  2. Monkey Business
  3. Water Rat

At the start Sandy Cheeks and Water Rat started at the club end of the line looking for wind with Monkey Business mid-stream and more tide. Monkey Business went for their spinnaker and Sandy Cheeks followed. We then waited to see if the middle of the river or the club shore would pay. At the Hoo island landing platform it was close Monkey Business was mid river and Sandy Cheeks was in touching distance of the platform with Water Rat following. We then went for spinnakers as we headed for 26. Monkey Business was in mid channel with the tide while Sandy Cheeks took the direct route. By 26 there were some stronger gusts coming though and Sandy Cheeks, although in the lead, carried their spinnaker to 26 albeit with the main flapping and Monkey Business catching up having taken the decision to drop their spinnaker. Sandy Cheeks rounded 1st and with spinnaker set pulled out a lead on MB. By MYA1 Monkey Business had closed some of the gap and we then had the beat back to 26. Sandy Cheeks were holding on but Monkey Business was flying and within the last few boat lengths of 26 Sandy Cheeks had let Monkey Business through. We rounded the mark together hoisted kites and set off back to MYA1 side by side. Water Rat was just back behind us both. As Sandy Cheeks were to windward of Monkey Business and taking their wind Monkey Business luffed Sandy Cheeks but we were ready and responded and sailed over Monkey Business. This was tense stuff we knew Monkey Business had been good on the beat so needed to be ahead by MYA1. Monkey Business responded and sailed over SC. So by mid way across the leg Monkey Business was leading with Sandy Cheeks very close behind. By MYA1 Sandy Cheeks had managed to get an overlap rounding first, with Monkey Business and Water Rat following. Water Rat had been doing some excellent spinnaker exhibitions / master classes. So off to 26 and Sandy Cheeks were covering Monkey Business all the way. Sandy Cheeks managed to hold off Monkey Business although there was only a couples of boat lengths between them. Sandy Cheeks then responded best to some massive shifts nr 26 and pulled away from MB.

At 26 Sandy Cheeks lead by about 10 boat lengths and had enough time to improve the Dragon / Squib Class relations with a lovely chat (not) as a dragon also rounding 26 sailed over the top of Sandy Cheeks also heading for home. Sandy Cheeks then lead all the way home with Monkey Business close behind and Water Rat following. Thanks to Ed for the guest helming of Sandy Cheeks and hopefully he will join the squib fleet in a couple of years when his children leave home.