Squib Racing 16th July

Saturday 16th July
Wind S/SE 5knots forecast and actually more like 15-20knots
HT 15.40
Course 92
1. Sandy Cheeks
2. Avocet
3. Legend
4. Water Rat
DNF White Knuckles and Winsome
With the club doing w/l we did a self start from the line.
With a more aggressive start this week Legend took the St Mary’s Island end, Avocet, Sandy Cheeks, Winsome and Water Rat in the middle with White Knuckles off to a flier at the club end. Beating up to 30 made for many changes in places and decisions to stay out of the tide or fight the tide and get more wind. By round 30A Sandy Cheeks had made the right decisions and edged out in front with Avocet and Legend fighting it out very close behind then Winsome, Water Rat and White Knuckles. At 30 it was a similar position as we beat up to 26 and right through the rest of the club w/l course. Sandy Cheeks got tacked on by Mario as Sandy Cheeks tried to bear away behind and then had to avoid the rest of the Sonatas running down on Starboard as did most of the Squib fleet. By this stage Legend and Avocet had managed to climb to windward and were looking good on Sandy Cheeks however once in clear air Sandy Cheeks managed to round 26 first only to wrap the spinnaker then waste time sorting it. This allowed Avocet to close the gap with Sandy Cheeks. (Apologies I lost track of what was happening behind the front 3). At 29 the front 3 were close as we round the leeward mark and beat up along Hoo Island out of the tide. Sandy Cheeks managed to pull away with Legend getting past Avocet. So at 24 Sandy Cheeks was still leading followed by Legend then Avocet, Water Rat with White Knuckles having a sail home. At 25 Sandy Cheeks did a great spinnaker hoist and headed for home with a reasonable lead and the added benefit of Legend then Avocet close to each other in 2 and 3 place and having a full on tussle. On the way back Avocet managed to slip past Legend to claim back 2nd place and almost a photo finish on the line. Water Rat then came home 4th. It was yet again a great sail and good to see positions changing.
Apologies for not remembering what was happening further back and particularly Winsome losing their mast and not being aware. Thankfully Paul and son are all ok.