Sonata Racing 23rd July

Only three Sonatas signed in for racing for this first race of the Summer Series. A number of ‘excuses’ had been circulating, including damage repair to Bluetack ahead of the Nationals next month, Skipper had duties to deliver, then Marriage (?) for White Noise and Musical Express was seen on the water heading, it was thought for a delivery voyage to Brightlingsea an ‘early bird’ arrival for the Nationals!

Weather was clear and warm, but not as warm as earlier in the week, with low tide scheduled for mid-race and a decent F3 basically from the SW, but with the warmth, a good fight with a sea breeze resulted in a great number of significant wind shifts throughout the race.

The agreed course went straight down to 23 thereon to 15 returning to the club-line via MYC4, 20, Autumn,22, 22, MYA1, 26 & 30.

Thistle and Screwloose newly scrubbed and additionally, Cry Havoc all got off the start-line promptly with spinnakers aloft promptly holding only until Wilsonian SC requiring a drop then promptly flown again as they passed the point of Hoo Island, holding with a number of gybes all the way down to 15 with Screwloose making a good distance between Cry Havoc & Thistle who exchanged places a couple of times in Gillingham Reach. At some points between Folly & Darnet wind direction swung 45 degrees, died & came back to F3 all within a minute making spinnaker handling an interesting sport.

On the way back Dragons & Sonatas met briefly and without any friction as Sonatas went round 22 to port & Dragons to starboard. There were no place changes on the windward part of the course to the club line with Screwloose first, Cry Havoc Second and Thistle in third place.