Sonata Report – 11th June – champagne sailing conditions

8 Sonatas started the undesirable MYC Upnor line spinny start with a good F4 south-westerly blowing.
Most opted for full main and no 1 genny except for red dwarf who went for the No 2 jib as were just coming along for a join in jolly ( until they found their racing spirit again !! )
Bluetack didn’t think another bad start was possible again after last weeks mediocre performance at the easterns but sure enough we started at the back !!
Luckily soon caught up the fleet at Meers but suffered dirty air from about 3 boats above us. The usual lottery with who got the puffs got away first or was it better sailing? ?
Most dropped the spinny at Meers but skipper managed to hold onto it the most as we headed to the leeward mark at 27 via 28.
A short beat back to 28 again didn’t really pay to get out of the tide as wind was strong.
Another spinny run took us down to autumn with a good breeze and tide under us was a great sail.
Watersong , BD2 , and Skipper led the way. Closely followed by Cry Havoc and Screwloose I believe ! then us ! My limited brain processor is normally full by this time !.
It was another leeward pile up let’s put it that way. Miraculously we tacked straight away and followed across with the leaders to the south shore to get out of the strong ebb tide then tacked back onto port. Just after this point the crew said we have done alright out of this as we’re now in front of Screwloose and Cry Havoc. Getting out of the tide quickly, paid off.
The headers & lifts really made a difference too.
So we were now 4th following Skipper but some way behind, with 4 boats Closely up our behind!
Another spinny run took us up to MYC4 then a beat back to the club via MYA1.
How we didn’t run aground just after MYA1 is beyond me ! I looked at the depth sounder and it said ” 1metre ” ! . We normally run aground at ” 1.3″ so luck was on our side with a falling tide !! The crew didn’t even get a ” Lee ho ” it was a case of just put that tiller away , not too many complaints though!
Well done to Red Dwarf for crossing the line ahead of us by 1or 2 boat lengths. We thought the bigger genny would prevail as we were gradually closing in along Heartbreak Reach. Couldn’t quite catch them but they sailed a superb leg along Heartbreak with No 2 as it was sooo shifty.
Special courses are not everyone’s favourite but it was a perfect course, top conditions, and just the right length.
Hope to see more out soon.