June Cruiser Class News Letter

What’s Coming Up.

 AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT , Name the River Challenge 19th June . It’s not a race there is only one competitor, you start when you want on the club line and choose your own course.

So you think you can sail and navigate ?  All the official stuff , sailing instructions etc are on the club notice WEB SITE but here is the basics that you need to know to take part . Here are the basics.

Briefing in the library at 0900.  So here is the challenge you start when you want after the line opens . None of this crossing the line first and then you have to pass these marks in any order but keeping to the side prescribed . You make a note of the time you start the time you finish . You can even use your engine if you want to. You just have to declare how long you used it for. Simples


Buoy Name Number Side to pass Time
Folly 25 East  
Darnet 23 North  
Bishop 16 East  
Otterham Fairway   South  
West Bulwark   West  
East Bulwark   East  
Stoke 13 North  
Stangate Spit   South  
Queenborough Spit   South  
North Kent   North  
South Kent   South  
Grain Hard   North  

9th July Montgomery Race and Queenborough weekend

 This year the Montgomery Race will be on Saturday the 9th July . Normal rules apply start 1000 hrs MYC . This is also a Queenborough Weekend so the finishing line will be Queenborough Spit Buoy ( for those of you that like to push the rules you have to round the Montgomery first ) this also gives everyone the chance to stay the night in Queenborough.

25th July Heybridge Basin ( limited places )

This is a chance to visit Heybridge Basin on the Blackwater and explore the Chelmsford Canal in your dinghies.

Leave Sheerness 25th July to the Blackwater . It probably will not be able to get into Bradwell so will need to pick up a Buoy West  Mersea area. 26th July to Heybridge Basin its a 2 hr trip but essential you are there by high water 1255 hrs .

27th 28 July get the dinghies out and explore the Chelmsford Canal or just enjoy the area.

29th leave at  1425 hrs high water for Bradwell or where ever.

Dates for your diary

13th August Queenborough weekend

17th September Queenborough weekend ( change from the normal 2nd Saturday )

8th October Queenborough weekend

12th November AGM and laying up supper

We are working on having a very entertaining speaker

Cruiser Class what’s app group .

 This is for members to let others know of trips they plan or just jolly’s . If you want to be part of this group please contact Bob Turk  rjturk@talktalk.net


Thank you to all who have paid your subscription. £10 membership and £10 for a outboard stored in the store. If you have yet to pay and would like to continue to receive these news letters and various invites to cruiser class events then please pay you can leave a cheque or cash in the Cruiser Class mail box situated in the Bosun’s Office or you can pay by bank transfer , We will be having a bit of a cull of all those that have not paid at the end of May, if you have paid do not worry ,if you are not sure call Bob Turk .

Outboard Store

Those who have visited the outboard store will have noticed that there has been some tidying up done . Could you please ensure that you only leave one 5l can of fuel, oars  and pump along with your outboard and can you please mark fuel cans and outboards.

Early June there will be a fuel can cull , beware .

That’s all for now .

John Marshall