Wayfarer Race Report 21 May 2022

HEADLINES: Goal drought continues for Medway top team.  Team Devil’s Advocate out of sight in scoring second win of the season.
ANALYSIS: The race took place in warm and sunny conditions with 8 boats on the start line. Wind conditions were complicated with a dying westerly backing south.  Roger Gibbs and Stan Benwell in 10666 (Devil’s Advocate) made the right start call, choosing the north shore with more adverse tide but far better wind.  By the time others belatedly crossed the river Roger was so out of sight and the author thought he was in a battle for the lead with 10618 (Moonshine) and 10974 (Muffin).   By and large the decisive period of the race was in Cockham Reach and Hoo Bay shaking out the general order.
Richard Stone and Catherine Gore in Muffin sailed well holding off all attacks. The real question is why they have not scored a victory. There seem to be two elements to this.  First, conditions have been complex, with a high degree of fluctuations in wind leading to an element of fortune.  Secondly, speed differential might have slightly closed across the fleet, allowing competitors to be close enough to take advantage of that element of fortune.
As a result the battle for the Spring Series is very tight overall with just 6 points separating the first six boats. On handicap, however, the runaway leader is Philip Clarabut sailing the newest boat in the fleet 11405 (Knot Rushin’). Well done in his first season.

Brian McKenzie