Safety Extravaganza!!

Safety Extravaganza!

Saturday 11th June

Safety at Sea live Event supported by the Coastguard

Medway Yacht Club is pleased to host this unique spectacle. There will be ‘have a go’ options as well as demonstrations. Invite your sea faring friends.

Have you ever wondered;

  • How quickly does a life raft inflate?
  • How to use a flare?
  • Could I get to a man over board?
  • Can I swim and get in a life raft?

09:30 – 11: Life raft inflation and ‘have a go’ options to inflate and get on board raft. Bring your swimmers!

11:15 – 12: Man overboard demonstrations and options to take part as helm or crew.

12-12:30: Using a flare demonstration.

Would rather just watch? You’d be most welcome to grab a coffee and snack at the club’s restaurant and observe the goings on.

Members and guests to the club, please register your interest in attending, particularly if you’d like to have a go, to either the Chief Instructor or the club office