Cruisers Easter in Conyer

Good Friday saw 12 cruisers tied up on the jetty all ready to depart for Conyer on Saturday Morning. Some elected to stay on the jetty whilst others sought the Sanctuary and peace and quiet of the moorings..

Saturday came with no wind but quite a lot of mist. Having discovered the mist was a weather phenomenon and not the result of the night before the fleet departed at 0600 hrs ( no idea how many bells that is ) navigation lights on.

The mist soon cleared to show a beautiful bright sunny morning. The trip down was quite uneventful and we all managed to line up at the Kingsferry bridge together . After a short wait the bridge lifted and we all proceeded.

As we approached the entrance to Conyer Creek there was a cunning plan the depending on the boats draft and the pontoon the boats had been allocated we were to go in a certain order. Well if you have ever herding cats you will understand the problems . All the shallow draft boats shot up the creek leaving the big boys to wait for more water . In situations like this a true leader emerges and shows everyone the way . Mischief ran aground showing everyone where not to go !

In between the sailing there were walks to Teynham ( Dover Castle) walks along the old sea walls, while the younger ones played football, rounders and had a hunt for the Easter Bunny.

Of course very little beer and wine was consumed by the adults

The return trip was under power as the Class Captain had forgotten to order the wind when ordering the brilliant sunshine .

To see the “Sailing with the Foxwell Family” video of the event click here

Bob Turk