Commodore’s Day 2021 ~ Dragon Race Report

Dear Dragoners,

Race report Commodores Day

Bright sunshine and a gentle breeze from the SE, perfect weather for the Wayfarer’s.  Anyway, we had a crews race in the morning just for the Dragons with James Staniland helming Molly, Ivor Allcock helming Suti and Sarah Burgess helming Whistle (big shoes to fill Sarah, especially as my size 12’s looked tiny compared to Quentin’s size14’s!!!).

We only had a short race around a pink buoy in the RE’s moorings with the next mark buoy 31 over to 30 and back to the line.  Whistle and Molly had a good start both going around the pink buoy with Suti just behind. Whistle managed to gain a good lead to 31 and 30, Suti had moved up to 2nd and watched Jamie Blair trying to work out how to use a spinnaker pole on the run back to the line.  We couldn’t catch Whistle but Molly caught Suti passing to leeward not far from the line.  Finishing order and congratulations to Whistle 1st with Sarah winning the Myrtle Cottell Trophy(and a pair of size 14 shoes) 2nd James with Ivor 3rd(who now also dislikes heartbreak reach)

Afternoons race 14.00, 23 boats on the start line with 5 different types of boat with a gentle breeze and a short course going around 31 then across to 30A and down to 32 with 4 laps what could possibly go wrong????  Let’s just say the leeward mark Buoy 32, with a ripping ebbing tide with lots of boats with spinnakers converging at different speeds, had lots of boats hitting each other and or the Buoy, with enough shouting to wake John Shilling at home from his slumber! And we did this 4 times!!

Sticking to the Dragons Suti with Toby on the helm had a good start along with Whistle helmed by Quentin.  Just back from us where Molly with John helming and Frescia helmed by Neave.  Whistle was the first around 31 and 30A but chose to cross to the North shore with the rest opting for the South out of the tide.  Suti rounded Buoy 32 first and maintained that lead until the third lap at Buoy 31 where Whistle came in on port and just squeezed in front where they stayed.  Frescia did well at one point coming alongside Suti but where on port with Suti on Starboard just prior to the three boat lengths from Buoy 32. Because of the chaotic race I didn’t see Molly a great deal but looking at the corrected time results they were close behind.

Results                                  Elapsed time                      Corrected time

1st Whistle                           3rd                                           12th

2nd Suti                                 4th                                           14th

3rd Frescia                            9th                                           15th

4th Molly                              14th                                        16th

The Wayfarers won the Lemon Trophy and the Magula Trophy

Congratulations to Whistle who won the Commodores Cup (presented to the first placed Dragon)

Next week is the East Coast Dragon Championship at Burnham and representing MYC will be Gandalf, Suti and if their mast is sorted, OCD.

There will be a normal race on Saturday

Regards Trevor and Edwin