Informal Training

Friday Evening Informal Training


As suggested in the title the “Friday Nighters” meet on a Friday night starting from 18:00hrs with boat rigging and shore-side preparation. The group normally gets afloat at around 18:30hrs.

 Training can be provided in all sorts of boats from dinghies, keel boats, displacement and RIB power craft to cruisers. Beginners will usually start in ‘Wayfarers’ but arrangements can be made for tuition in other types of craft or even your own boat.

 Power boat training is normally undertaken on ‘Bellis’ (displacement boat) and a club RIB who are also in attendance to provide safety cover. Members who would like a refresher before undertaking a club duty are encouraged to come along.

Chris Parish our RYA Senior Instructor and Bosun’s Assistant coordinates the sessions so either let the office or Chris know directly that you would like to attend a session(s) and the type of training that you are looking for and he will try to ensure the correct instructors are available.

Those attending normally eat as a group in the galley after sailing. Please let the galley know your order before going afloat.

These sessions are free to members and non members are welcome to come and give sailing a try for a fee of £5 per session for a maximum of six sessions after which time if you are interested in continuing we ask that you become a member of the club.

See the training schedule below and the registration form – new attendees are welcome on any evening.


Friday Nighters Registration Form