Race Results

2019 Season

Cruiser Class

Medway Yacht Club Cruiser Spring Series

Dragon Class

Dragon Flagon 2019 as at 6th July after Race 6

2019 Overall Season Results as 13th July after race 11

John Field Trophy as at 13th July after Race 1


Cadet Spring Series 16th June 2019

MYC Cadets Spring Series 2019

Sonata Class

Sonata Early Spring 2019 Race 4

Squib Class (4 series each made up of 6 races)

Sailwave results for 2019 Squib Summer Series

Sailwave results for 2019 Tom Weeks Trophy ~ Your Best 15 Races

Wayfarer Class

Sat Handicap Series 13 July

Saturday Series 13 July

Sunday Handicap as of 14 July

Sunday series as of 14 July

Wednesday Evening Racing

Sailwave results for Wednesday Evening Racing at 2019

2018 Season

Medway Marathon

MYC Marathon 2018 Results


Cruiser Class

2018 Single & Double Handed Series – Race 1

Single & Double Handed Race 2 Results 030618

Cruiser Class Autumn Series 2018

Autumn Series Race 3

Cruiser Class Autumn Series 2018 Race 4

Crusier Class Autumn Series Corrected Results

Dragon Class

Race Report 28 April

Proton Cup 2018 Final Result after racing on 26th May

Dragon Flagon 2018 Final Result as at 7th July after Race 6 xlsx

2018 John Field Trophy after Race 3 on 18th August

211 Cup as at 1st September – Race 1

Windward Lewards 25th August 2018

211 Cup as at 6th October – Race 4

211 Cup as at 13th October – Race 5

2018 Overall Season Results as at 13th October after race 19


Sonata Class

Sonata 2018_Results

2018 Sonata Early Spring Results

Late Spring 2018 Results

2018 Sonata Early Autumn Results

2018 Sonata Late Autumn Results

2018_Results Overall


Squib Class

2018 Squib Summer Series 

2018 Squib Spring Series

Sailwave results for 2018 MYC Squib Harvest Series at 2018

Tom Weeks 2018

Squib results for 2018 Autumn Series

Squib Fleet Results 2018

Wayfarer Class

Wayfarer Saturday Handicap Series.1

Wayfarer Saturday handicap Series after race six

Wayfarer Saturday Handicap Series as of 1 Sept (2)

Wayfarer Saturday Series after race 6

W Saturday Series as of 1 September 2018

Wayfarer Sunday Handicap series after race 7

Wayfarer Sunday Handicap as of 2 September.1

Wayfarer Sunday Series after race 7

Wayfarer Sunday Series as of 2 Sept.1

Wayfarer Southerns 2018 Results

W Saturday Series as of 20 Oct 2018

Wayfarer Sunday Series as of 21 Oct

Wayfarer Saturday Handicap Series as of 20 Oct

Wayfarer Sunday Handicap as of 21 Oct


Wednesday Evening Racing

Wednesday Evening Racing at 2018

Windward / Leewards

Windward Lewards 16th June 2018.

2017 Season

Cruiser Class Autumn Series

Autumn Series Race 1Sonata 2018_Results
Autumn Series Race 2
Autumn Series Race 3
Autumn Series Race 4

Medway Marathon

Medway Marathon 2017 Results

Medway Regatta Results

Final results – day three

Cruiser Class Summer Series

Summer Series Race 1

Summer Series Race 2

Cruiser Class Single & Double Handed Series

Single & Double Handed Series Race 1

Cruiser Class Spring Series

Spring Series overall results

Dragon Results

Overall season race 22 final results

211 – 2017 final results

John Field race 6 26.08.17 final result

Dragon Flagon at race 5 1.07.17

Wednesday Evening Series

Wednesday evening Final Results 2017

Sonata Results

2017_Results Early Spring Final

2017_Results Early Spring Windward Leewards

2017_Results Late Spring Windward Leewards

2017_Results Late Spring Final

2017_Results Summer Final

Squib Results

Spring Series 2017

Summer Series 2017 Final

Autumn Series 2017

Harvest Series 2017

Tom Weeks 2017


Wayfarer Spring Series 2017

Wayfarer Late Summer Series 2017

Wayfarer Sunday Handicap Series 2017

Wayfarer Saturday Series 2017

Wayfarer Saturday Handicap Series 2017

Wayfarer Sunday Series 2017

Mike Mac Training Day 2017 Results

Up The Creek Trophy 2017

Wayfarer Autumn Series 2017


2016 Results