Arriving by water

Club moorings viewed from the clubhouse

Club moorings viewed from the clubhouse

Medway Yacht Club(MYC)  welcomes visitors arriving by water either individual boats or club / association groups. Visitors are asked to sign in at the club house and are encouraged to make use of MYC’s excellent bar and galley facilities.  Group lunches and dinners can be catered.

Moorings can normally be arranged overnight or occasionally for longer periods.  Individual boats arriving at weekends or Bank holidays should call the MYC trot boat on VHF channel 37  for mooring allocation call sign “Invicta”.

MYC moorings can be found on both the north and south shores upriver (west) of buoys 30A and 31

We ask that groups book in advance via the office.

Visitors may be allocated a swinging mooring or advised to lay alongside the club pontoon where fresh water is available

The club all tide pontoon that has a depth of 2m at all states of the tide is primarily provided for access to moorings with the following “rules” applying

  • Boats should restrict laying alongside the pontoon to the shortest period possible and should not be alongside for more than 15 minutes during club sailing operation without the permission of the OOD
  •  A down river (eastern end) section of the outside of the hammerhead big enough for one 10m boat  shall be kept clear at all times to be used for pick up and drop off only
  • Boats laying alongside for any extended period should if possible moor on the inside of the pontoon
  • No more than two boats to be rafted together
  • Visitors staying overnight on Friday or Saturday should be clear of the pontoon prior to club sailing operation the following morning

Visitors on swinging moorings are welcome to make use of the trot boat service when in operation

Mooring fees of £10 (swinging mooring) £15 (on the pontoon) per boat per night  are payable at the club office or bar