Clubhouse Development

To bring the club fully in line with the requirements of 21st century living we plan to  upgrade our shoreside facilities.

This will include a new Clubhouse, Changing Rooms, Training Centre with improved equipment storage and a new flat for our Club Steward. 

Visit the members area, (clicking the blue ‘Members’ box in the top right hand corner of the screen) to view the online version of the development presentation. 


The plan is to start construction at the end of the 2022 season by demolishing the existing Nissen Hut and removing the yellow and white Training Marquee. The new training centre with changing rooms above will then be built to be available for the 2023 sailing season.

During winter 2023 part of the old clubhouse will be taken down and replaced with a new structure. During this time a temporary bar will be set up in the new training centre.

The Steward will be moved into temporary accomodation before his flat and the old changing rooms are demolished and replaced with new storage and flat above.

The project is planned for completion in time for the 2024 sailing season.

The New Clubhouse

With higher ceilings and better insulation the new Clubhouse will be warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer and far more energy efficient.

The new open plan layout will be light and airy which will make it a really pleasant place to be. 

There will be separate members bar and restaurant area and open-plan function room which will be available for a myriad of uses.

The function room will easily be subdivided to make it a truly flexible space.

Training Centre

Introducing newcomers to the joys of life on the water is the future of any club. By having a dedicated training centre Medway Yacht Club will be in prime position to increase membership in the future

By having a state of the art training centre we will be able to offer flexible training to people of all abilities and ages.

By having open plan space under cover training briefings and debriefings can be held whatever the weather.

Our Principle Trainer will be able to manage all the training courses and sessions without having to be outside making winter training more pleasant for all.


Changing Rooms

Above the training centre will be the new changing rooms. These will be designed to ensure full compliance with the latest safguarding regulations.

As the building will be fully insulated you will be able to get changed and have a shower in comfort and privacy.

The final layout of the changing rooms is still to be finalised so the plan to the right is an indication only.



Equipment Storage and Steward’s Flat

By having dedicated equipment storage we will be able to keep more equipment in a secure and dry environment. This will increase the longevity of all kit and reduce the risk of theft.

Over the storage area the new Steward’s flat will be built enabling the Steward to overlook the club grounds also adding to the security of the site.

For Further Information

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