Clubhouse Development

Training Centre & Changing Rooms

2023 New Changing Room and Training Centre


Introducing newcomers to the joys of life on the water is the future of any sailing club. By having a dedicated training centre Medway Yacht Club will be in prime position to increase membership with our state-of-the-art facilities and able to offer flexible training/coaching for many people of all abilities and ages. The space will also allow the club to have an open plan space, under cover for both race and training briefings and debriefings.


The changing rooms with offer a warm and inviting area for all members to use come what may with the weather.


This project will commence its building this coming May and is programmed to take the rest of 2023 with the opening of the new facilities due in the Spring of 2024.


Like with all major building projects there is a need to adjust storage and movement around the site.

Please see the map and schedule to help you plan and see how the project will temporarily affect you.


Most of the work will take place Monday to Friday and should not affect evening or weekend activities. Any boat launch or recovery using the hard area will need to consider construction vehicle movements and the area being fenced off. Please contact Toby Atack (details below) if you need more information.


We ask all members, visitors, contractors to follow all safety advice, signs and working together we can ensure we are all kept safe during the project.


Our expert member Toby Atack has been commissioned to act as the build project lead officer. Should you have any questions you can email Toby at Toby will also be working part time along Steve Porter our Bosun this season, so can you also speak with him in person most week days.