Weekly News Commencing 18th July 2022

RYA Powerboat Level 2

RYA Powerboat Level 2, 21st-22nd August. Book through smartclub.
All you need to know for self-sufficient powerboating at a basic level. Course includes launching, mooring, anchoring and recovery plus all the boat driving skills required for basic competence in a powerboat.

25th – 29th July
LAST CHANCE TO BOOK, just 2 places left
Are you aged 16 – 24 years old and would like to learn to sail?
Residential sailing course

Are you completing your Duke of Edinburgh Award and looking for a fun residential to do?

Medway Yacht club has linked up with the company First 4 Adventure to provide this Gold Sailing Residential. It will be 5 days of dinghy sailing based at the club, with the opportunity to develop skills, gain a RYA start sailing qualification whilst having fun and making new friends. Accommodation will be camping on the club site with use of the yacht club’s changing and shower facilities. Food is provided at the club, and there will be options to buy additional snacks and treats. The evening activities will include team challenges, a local walk, sailing quizzes and opportunity to prepare towards your RYA sailing qualification.

To book this exciting residential sailing option book through the licensed Duke of Edinburgh organisation First 4 Adventure UK

Highlights from the Chief
Land Drill                                                             Hovering on the Start Line

This week peaked at the end with the Youth sail training plus mid-season celebrations. 5 youth guests added to the fun making the most of the sun and sailing. Two groups on the water, one going through start to sail fundamentals and the other trying some race scenarios. IT WAS HOT. The instructor team helped out with the cooling down. Rosie and Kerry adopting the STEALTH MODE WATER PISTOL at strategic moments, me bringing in a SURPRISE WATER GUN FINISH to the RACERS. Much thanks to all the helpers to training, particularly when there are so many guests. Enthusiastic thumbs up to supporters this week go to Chris, John, Gerry, Richard, Catherine, Amy, Sam, Neil, Kerry, Rosie, Richard, Nancy and Tom.

Training over the summer is varied and packed, is open to all ages, members and/or guests. Qualifications can be obtained through RYA courses, there is a sailing residential for youth aged 16-24 years old, many summer sessions of all types to support guests and members enjoy time on the water. Contact the office to enquire about dates or make a booking.

Water gun finish line!
Squib Race Report 25th June

Saturday 16th July
Auth (Sandy Cheeks)

Wind S/SE 5knots forecast and actually more like 15-20
HT 15.40
Course 92
1. Sandy Cheeks
2. Avocet
3. Legend
4. Water Rat
DNF White Knuckles and Winsome
With the club doing w/l we  did a self start from the line.
With a more aggressive start this week L took the St Mary’s Island end, A, SC, W and WR in the middle with WK off to a flier at the club end. Beating up to 30 made for many changes in places and decisions to stay out of the tide or fight the tide and get more wind. By round 30A SC had made the right decisions and edged out in front with A and L fighting it out very close behind then W, WR and WK. At 30 it was a similar position as we beat up to 26 and right through the rest of the club w/l course. SC got tacked on by Mario as SC tried to bear away behind and then had to avoid the rest of the Sonatas running down on Starboard as did most of the Squib fleet. By this stage L and A had managed to climb to windward and were looking good on SC however once in clear air SC managed to round 26 first only to wrap our spinnaker then waste time sorting it. This allowed A to close the gap with SC. (Apologies I lost track of what was happening behind the front 3). At 29 the front 3 were close as we round the leeward make and beat up along Hoo Island out of the tide. SC managed to
pull away with L getting past A. So at 24 SC was still leading followed by L then A, WR with WK having a sail home. At 25 SC did a great spinnaker hoist and headed for home  with a reasonable lead and the added benefit of  L then A close to each other in 2 and 3 place and having a full on tussle. On the way back A managed to slip past L to claim back 2nd place and almost a photo finish on the line. Water Rat the came home 4 th. It was yet again a great sail and good to see positions changing.

Apologies for not remembering what was happening further back and particularly Winsome loosing their mast and not being aware.

Back on the pontoon it was only then that I saw Winsome had broken a stroud and lost their mast

Dragon John Field Trophy Race 1

First actual windward/ leeward of the year.  The class wanted to have an element of training for this event, which Quentin Strauss agreed to do.

We started in the library at 10.00am with three points  , starting , upwind sailing and downwind sailing. There were lots of elements to consider and new techniques to try later on the water.

It was a good wind and a good days sailing.

The start and course of the first race was badly affected by a last minute windshift meaning the line was heavily biased and the course was a fetch followed by a reach. Not an ideal start but rectified for the subsequent races by judicious mark moving.

The second race of the three Windward / Leeward races was nearest to our normal start time so it counted towards the John Field Trophy.  All of the Dragons had now realised that starting on port at the pin end was the only option with Whistle getting away first (Tempest being kind helped)  with Tempest and Suti close behind.  The order didn’t change a great deal but OCD did pass Suti to get into 3rd on the last spinnaker run but made a poor mark rounding allowing Suti to regain 3rd to the line.

Results for the day

1st Race                                                                1st Whistle  2nd OCD  3rd Tempest 4th Suti and 5th Molly

2nd Race and John Field Trophy                       1st Whistle  2nd Tempest 3rd Suti 4th OCD  5th Molly

3rd Race                                                                1st Whistle  2nd OCD  3rd Tempest 4th Molly   (Suti DNC)

Back in the library for the debrief where James Hannant showed of his impressive computer skills in projecting the videos on the screen (sometimes two at a time)

Quentin was able to look at the way the sails were trimmed and how mark rounding’s were performed (even showed Suti hitting a mark!)

I have to say I learnt an lot about sailing the Dragon.  Quentin and Philip Catmur gave an excellent presentation and I think the Medway Dragon Fleet warmly appreciated them imparting their extensive knowledge.

It will only help to make us all better Dragon sailors and am already looking forward to the next W/L in 2 weeks’ time and the East Coast Dragon Championships (ECDC) in September.

So thank you to Quentin ,Philip Catmur and to Edwin for making all the arrangement along with James filming the day.

Great job everyone

Scrubbing Trolley
May we remind members when booking your slots on the scrubbing trolley to make sure that you are finished at your allotted time. This ensures that every member, that has made arrangements to scrub is able to get on.
Pontoon Gate
Please close the gate onto our pontoon when you pass through it.Thank you for your cooperation