Weekly Sailing News week commencing 13th June

Wayfarer Race Report 11 June 2022

Champagne sailing conditions greeted the intrepid helms and crews on Saturday with a sunny sky and a F3 from the SW.  The five boats launched themselves for the 14:10 start heading for course 77 (sunset strip) with the furthest mark being buoy 23.   It is fair to say that as we set off the wind was getting gusty F4-5 which made the decision on the running start to fly the kite not a foregone conclusion.  Hercules Hound (10686, Brian and Liz McKenzie) made the early running with Muffin (10974, Richard Stone and Catherine Gore) making the slightly later decision to use the kite with Loose Knots (10614, Mark Penny and Sarah Mason) in third eventually deciding that multi coloured kite was a safe option.  Black Jack (11064, Nigel Pye and Dave Parks) and Wild Thing 2 (11315, Mike Pimm and Pete Dilley) followed closely behind as we made for buoy 28. The Muffin and Hercules were closely tied at the first mark with Muffin just edging ahead.   The middle phase of the race saw the lead change several times as the leaders battled the gusty conditions.  Loose Knots had established a solid third place already trying to make mental notes on what was happening as the report writing loomed. Black Jack held fourth as we run down to buoy 23 with Wild Thing 2 close in fifth. As they rounded the furthest mark Wild Thing 2 started to make it’s move and gradually hauled in Black Jack overtaking them on the way back to buoy 30.  Loose Knots sailed its own race in third having some great two sail planing reaches heading back to the line whilst trying to eat wine gums and sing a medley of show tunes. Muffin and Hercules Hound were locked in a tight battle all the way to the finish with Muffin finally prevailing for their second win of the season.   Whilst it was Champagne sailing on the water even after a second win it would appear that the Commodore and Rear Commodore are a little bar shy when buying the fizz, opting for a can of Fanta with the promise of real bubbles when the fleet returns to full strength!

Loose Knots – Third

Squib Race Report

Saturday 11th  SW 14-20 knots
LW 17.30 Course 60
Black Mark BM
Legend LD
Monkey Business MB
Sandy Cheeks SC

With a stiff breeze, an ebbing tide, a potential spinnaker start and the first mark 20, the start was tight. LD got off to a good start towards St Mary’s Island with SC below her and behind while MB and BM down towards the club. Quickly spinnakers started to pay and LD (no spinnaker) let SC slip past. Approaching 30A the wind was kind for SC and she moved into a few boat lengths lead followed by LD, MB & BM. Spinnakers down and heading on a fetch for Hoo Ness. Once in Gillingham Reach, SC popped up the kite again with lots of hiking on the tight spinnaker fetch to Folly Point. Decisions to be made how far to go out and benefit from the tide but travel further. Thankfully the fleet followed with kites up. At Folly Point it was a square off to a dead run and head for Darnet Fort. The order unchanged. SC decided to jibe to benefit from the tide. To the delight of LD, SC did a proper spinnaker wrap round the forestay. While seeing to the wrap LD caught SD up and called Starboard on SC requiring her to jibe and then force the Sonata fleet to all jibe as well. Eventually SC sorted her kite and went chaising after LD.  By 20 SC managed to get water on LD as we beated up to MYA1 in the shallows against the tide. MB was making a charge and LD was fighting to hold them off as SC opened a gap. Across to 24 and 25, At 25 kites were up again heading down to 20. With more concentration in SC this time (apologies I lost track of the changing places behind) we benefited from a lovely breeze which was up towards 20 knots. Turning back at 20 to MYA1 MB and LD were battling it out with BM very close behind.  We then had an exhilarating beat to MYA1 with the toe straps being tested as full on hiking was the order of the day, pulling SC a few boats length ahead of the rest with MB and BM showing some new found speed. At MYA1 the fleet split to the north and south sides of the river. SC punched the tide and tried to cover them both paying for it. Soon BM were very close and MB & LD also challenging on the other side. SC had to get to the shallows off Folly Point. Phew made it and MB had slipped back (later found it was gear failure- jib sheet cleat). It was then a procession back to the club
1st Sandy Cheeks
2nd Legend
3rd Black Mark
4th Monkey Business (no arms left)

Upcoming training

This Sunday 19th June: just 2 spaces left for the RYA SRC Marine Radio course and exam.
2-3 July: Kent Schools Sailing Association Youth Regatta. Event and booking details https://kssa.co.uk/event/2022-summer-training-regatta-and-camp/
25-29 July: Duke of Edinburgh Gold Residential Start Sailing course. Book through this link https://first4adventure.co.uk/services/gold-sailing-residential/
8-10 August: RYA Youth Stage 1 Start Sailing.
20-21 August: RYA Level 1 Start Sailing.
20-21 August: RYA Powerboat Level 2.

All RYA courses and those without a link provided, details and booking through smartclub

If the sunshine has made you think about summer options on the water either for yourself, or the grandchildren, or your friends, then ask the me or the office, check the e news and actual noticeboards about the array of water activities in the school holidays called ‘summer sessions’.

Video of training click here


We are looking for volunteers to cover the trot boat duty on a Saturday 1:00pm-6:00pm from the 9th July until October. Should you wish to do any of these dates please contact the office on 01634 718399

Ruth Lee survived our safety extravaganza event!
11th June 2022

Well she not only survived, but excelled at providing our members practise opportunities at approaching and recovering a person sized and weight dummy out of the water. Kindly donated to the club for this event, the man overboard dummy was thrown overboard a lot, and rescued every time. Members who took part in the training made comment that getting a person aboard is “much more difficult than I thought” and “we should practise this more often” and “wow people are heavy!”.

The Safety Extravaganza Event held in the morning of the 11th June was designed to be a ‘hands on’ type training where ‘having a go’ was all part of the learning experience. Activities included inflating a life raft, swimming and getting into a life raft, practice throwing a throw line, using a cruiser boom to get a person aboard from the water, getting a man overboard in a powerboat using the dunk method and the sling method. To end the morning there was a demonstration of how to safely use a handheld flare. Great to hear while such important skills were being developed the amount of laughter happening too. The RNLI were so impressed about MYC delivering such an event they made a visit too and were keen to come back to the club to offer complimentary life jacket checks for our members.

Observations from several participants during the morning was a confirmation of how useful being practised in these skills is and the importance of having safety equipment checked and in date. Do you regularly check your lifejacket? 3 of the 6 member lifejackets checked by the RNLI on the day failed, as in they wouldn’t have worked properly if needed. That’s a shocking 50%. It is not just here that could be better. The RNLI representative shared at his last location where he went specifically to do lifejacket checks, he checked almost 100 lifejackets of which two thirds failed. Let’s take action and get ours checked so we don’t become part of these startling statistics.

The feedback during the morning from participants, volunteers, plus external bodies was one of high praise. I would like to thank the valuable input and support in preparing for the event from Port of London Authority (loan of Ruth Lee MOB dummy), Water Safety Delivery Support Team of the RLNI, and Peel Ports. Thank you to the following member volunteers helping to run the activities, Sally, Neil, Rosie, Richard, Paul, Catherine and Sarah. Also, thanks to those members who participated in this training and added to the overall fun and satisfaction of putting it on.

Job Available

Medway Yacht Club – Assistant Boatswain / Bosun
Full time / 40hrs per week including weekends and bank holidays
Rate: Competitive

We are seeking to appoint an Assistant to the Bosun This is a varied role based at the Club

Personal Qualities
Experience in a boat moving / marina operator role with a proven track record of using various boat moving equipment, launches and plant ideally with strong boat handling skills.
A pro-active practical approach and can do attitude, ability to use his / her own initiative whilst working in accordance with all club and legal Health & safety policies ensuring all aspects of work are carried out to the highest standard. Able to undertake various challenging manual handling activities both ashore and on the water in a safe and effective manner.
Key Responsibilities and Duties

  • Set Up and use of boat moving equipment and ancillaries including
  • Use of 14T Marine Slipway Hoist
  • Use of 3T Static Crane
  • All Terrain Forklift
  • Tractor
  • Collection and return of boats by towing with club launch
  • Lift and launch of watercraft
  • Pressure washing / removal of barnacles etc.
  • Blocking offshore / Cradle erection
  • General care / maintenance of machinery
  • General care/ maintenance of club launches
  • Storage of shores/ blocks / cradles
  • Cradle maintenance and records
  • Checking shore / cradles after heavy weather
  • Keep gantries / lift pads / docks / yard tidy
  • Conduct general day to day maintenance including site
  • Undertake additional personal development

Necessary Skills:

  • Experience in a similar role is a distinct advantage.
  • To have excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Full Driving License
  • RYA Power Boat L2
Crewing opportunity
Tim French would like to let everyone know that he has a crewing opportunity on Zypheros for the Ramsgate Regatta. Single day or all days available. Please contact Tim direct on 07967 966765