Change to Sailing Instructions ~ Notice 2/2022

  1. The following applies to the Dragon class only and replaces clause D.2.3 (part 1 &2) of Appendix D ‘Supplementary rules for Dragon Class’ of the 2022 MYC In River and Windward Leeward Sailing Instructions.
  2. D.2.3 will now read ‘The alternative finish line for self-finishing will be the Segas Sailing Club start/finish line. The Segas Sailing Club is a triangular building on the southern shore of Gillingham reach just downstream of buoy 29.  The projected alternative finish line is defined as the transit line of the vertically aligned apexes of the two white triangles mounted on poles, one positioned in front of the Segas Sailing Club building at lower level and the upper triangle on the building above the blue Segas Sailing Club sign’.


Sailing Secretary