Cruiser Class September Newsletter

As many of you will have guessed by now, this newsletter has many guest editors, hence the depth of literary skills. Much of the letter is debated and formulated on the Isle of Sheppey on a Tuesday. This edition is no different and hence no better.

In the days of sail, the Captain of a warship was called Master and Commander and so it is only fitting that the newsletter is edited by Master Brew.

Cruiser Class Editorial Team






And now for the serious stuff……


Best laid plans all went wrong: what with bad weather and Covid, some of the boats who were going to venture up the East Coast never made it and others got stuck in Ramsgate. To all those who the made a trip, well done!

For those of you who have What’s App on your phones, there is now a Group call solely concerned with cruises and trips. The idea is that if you are planning a trip, let’s say to Ramsgate, then you can tell others of your plans and they can join you if they so desire. It also works for the monthly trip to Queenborough. If you are interested then please contact the Cruiser Class Captains ( and you can be added to the group

Hopefully events will settle down so we can plan cruises for next year with more certainly.


Next weekend 11th/12th September will be the last trip to Queenborough for this year: If you are interested, then please contact Cruiser Class Captains (

Commodore’s Day 18th September

The Cruiser Class are going to take over the jetty and try and dress some boats overall, if you would like to have your boat take part then please contact the Cruiser Class Captains ( Most of the committee, if not all, will be there so its a good chance to come and meet us and have a drink.

The Commodore will be taking wine with us at some point in the afternoon (early if he wants some wine )

Laying Up Supper

This year’s laying up supper is on the 13th of November in the club house: details will be sent out nearer the time but keep the date.

Tuesday Group Christmas lunch 

This year’s Christmas lunch will be on Tuesday 7th December in the Club House.


The MYC autumn series will start on the 24th of October and run for 6 weeks. The last race and prize giving will be on 28th November. Entry forms are on the club website.

Scrubbing Trolley, Pontoon and CCTV

 The Cruiser Class has purchased some white rubbing strips for the scrubbing trolley and the inside of the pontoon. The Bosun’s crew should be installing them soon . No more black marks on the hulls!

The club are looking to renew the CCTV system and the Cruiser Class is in negotiations to increase the number of cameras in the car park.

That’s all for now !

John Marshall  and Bob Turk