Cruiser Class August Newsletter

Cruiser Class News Letter August 2021

This newsletter was formulated in that bastion of English literature …(the Rose Inn Queenborough)

It’s Queenborough meet-up this weekend, 14th August, contact John Marshall for details!
Don’t forget the Queenborough weekend are the second Saturday in the month. If you have not attended then your last chance is September its the last Meet of the year.

Once again, the Montgomery Race proved to be a great success with 26 boats fighting for position on the half mile start line, some wisely deciding to start from their moorings after finishing a cup of coffee.

I am very much reminded of the Saint Crispin’s day speech by Henry V when he said something along the lines of if you were not there you will never know what it was like and if you were there you can retell the story for generations. (see Henry V, Act iv, Scene iii for the original version!)


On Another literary note it was rather like the Charge of the Light Brigade with the boats drifting down the river with the current until three little white clouds appeared in the sky which made the fleet run for safe water, Stangate, where they took refreshments before the trip home.

In the meantime, 7 brave crews stood on to the Montgomery and believe it or not even managed a little Sail.

All in all, everyone seemed to have a good time! Don’t forget that you have to be at the laying up Supper to stand any chance of being awarded the Trophy.

Laying Up Supper.


Please mark the 13th of November in your diary . Before the Dinner there will be the Cruiser Class AGM in the library starting at 1800 hrs. We hope to have Kelly Tolhurst MP as our guest speaker.

 Commodores Day

 Commodores day is on the 18 September this year and with a little break in tradition the Cruiser Class will not be doing a sail past but instead will have boats moored on the pontoon dressed over all or with as many flags as you have. Please let Bob Turk 07876401305 know if you would like to take part. There will of course be wine and nibbles available to all the Cruiser Class Members who turn up on that day with or without your boats and who knows we may even ask the Commodore to Participate,

Special request from the Bosun (Steve Porter)

 If you are going away for a few days on your boat, please could you park your cars against the back fence.

Please ask the Bosun or Office if you are going to leave your boat overnight on the pontoon whether you are on board or not .


 The season is in full swing and a few of you still have not paid you fees to the Cruiser Class. It is good value if only for these newsletters. On this note we are checking the membership list against those who have not paid and have not reacted to the reminders and unfortunately this may well be your last newsletter.

Scrubbing Trolley/ other trollies

 Many of us have lamented the fact that when using the trolley we get black marks from the rubbing strips on our hulls, to this end the Cruiser Class has purchased White strips for both the Trolley and the inside of the pontoon the Bosun’s staff will be fitting them shortly.

The club has provided 2 new luggage trollies for use between the pontoon and the car park. If you use them, please ensure you return them to the top of the pontoon.

Tuesday Group Christmas Lunch  7th December

 I know that Christmas will seem a long way of but believe me it is coming . The date has been set as the 7th December . Don’t forget to get out your very best or worst Christmas Jumpers….the one that Aunt Maud knitted you in pink! (You should be so lucky! Ed)

 Cradles and Outboards.

 The Cruiser Class now have 14 cradles if you need one this winter and have not yet booked it then please contact Bob Duddridge

Please help to keep the outboard store tidy. Only one petrol can per outboard and clearly marked . Please do not use as a general store.

Well that’s all for now, thank you all for your support during the last few months and let’s look forward to the rest of the season and some fair winds.


Bob Turk and John Marshall