February Flag Signal


Dear Members

Spring cannot come too soon this year. The snowdrops are peeping through the sodden ground and the daffodils and tulips are struggling with a covering of snow but all this comes with the promise that the landscape will once again be a joy banishing the winter greyness and we will enter a brightness no longer over shadowed by Covid 19.

The vaccination programme has given us all hope that soon, the Government will announce a gradual lifting of restrictions and members will be able to access their boats for any necessary maintenance before launching.

Please contact the Bosun if you have concerns about getting work completed before your launch date.

At present the racing season is due to begin on the 11th April but that may have to be moved back. Plans are well underway for the Club’s Annual Regatta that will take place over the second bank holiday (28th – 31st May 2021). The details are on the website.

We will also ensure that the Club House is ready as soon as we are permitted to open. Many of us will have had time over the last year to debate what really is of value to us and meeting socially with friends and family comes high up in our priorities.

Please check the website. Work is constantly being done to update it and your feedback is always appreciated.


Thank you to all those who have paid their membership fees for this year and for those who have agreed to pay in instalments. However, as we are sure that you will appreciate, most of the Club’s costs are fixed and on top of this the Bar and Galley income was very much reduced. We are doing everything we can to manage the costs by using the Government Furlough scheme where appropriate and also using Government grants to support the downturn in the Bar and Galley income. Mancom is always looking at the long-term future of the Club ensuring that we remain one of the leading sailing clubs and venues in the South East and as such require your support in maintaining membership levels to ensure we can move forward as soon as restrictions are lifted. We have held membership fees at 2020 levels for 2021 and expect the membership interest to grow as it did last year when we reopen, it would be great to see as many of you as possible play a part in our exciting Club development and future beyond Covid 19.
If you have as yet to make your first payment can we politley ask that you do so.


General Manager

In October 2020 at the Management Committee meeting we reviewed the staff structure of the Club and it was decided that the appointment of a General Manager would be beneficial in managing the Club going forward. The Club has grown over the years along with our staffing. The regulatory environment in which we work is also creating more work to ensure that we are adhering to HSE rules. This is now placing more of a burden on the Flag officers who are on many occasions having to make day-to-day operational decisions without being at the Club.

The current structure, with each of the four department heads reporting to different Flag Officers does not always make for a coherent organisation heading in the same direction.

The recent Covid 19 situation has certainly served as an example with the workload increasing significantly on Flags, most of whom have day jobs.

After a rigorous interview process with over 50 applicants, we are pleased to announce that we have employed Ian Farlane, to be the new General Manager. Ian starts on the 1st March. He has worked at a number of venues from visitor attractions, hospitality venues and a member’s club. He clearly demonstrated by example, good experience of personnel management, building development & management and working with committee lead organisations. Ian had also been successful in writing bids for Sports grants. The interview panel felt that Ian was someone that could fulfil the role very well and certainly provide experience to help reduce the Bar & Galley losses.

Training Instructor

Having sadly lost Inti there will be more interviews for his replacement next week. Training is such an important part of the Club’s development so we intend to have someone in place as soon as possible. The aim is for the Training Instructor to continue the great work that has been done over the past 18 months getting our younger members on the water having fun, improving the racing skills of those who enjoy the excitement of racing, teaching adults whether in dinghies or in cruisers and continuing on our programme of shore-based courses and safety boat courses. We also hope to introduce more opportunities for paddleboarding.

Beach Master

As you know, Jenny Best, has kindly agreed to take on the role of Beach Master this year. Hopefully you will have seen her message outlining her plan to tidy the beach area later this year. If you have any questions or comments she can be contacted via the Beach Master email;

We hope to see you all very soon

Flag Officers