Cruiser Class ~ Autumn Series / Update

The Cruiser Class Autumn Series is planned to start on Sunday 18th October. Work is moving ahead to prepare the committee boat and we are looking forward to welcoming those new to racing in the cruiser “White Sails” class.
So we can plan the racing in more detail we need to have a good idea of numbers so could all those who intend to take part please send their entry in as soon as possible. Either leave a copy of the paper entry form at the office or send a copy by e-mail to the Cruiser Class Race officer via the button below
At this stage you do not need to send the entry fee but you do need to get he form in.

Looking forward to another successful season closing race series.

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The ever popular Autumn Series is due to start on October 18th and then every Sunday until the end of November. As long as the Covid restrictions don’t get tighter we plan to run racing as near to normally as possible.

One change from previous years is the introduction of a white sails only “Gentlemen’s Class”. This is aimed at the cruising sailor who does not normally race but would like to see if their boat is as fast as they think it is. You don’t need the latest sexy black sails, nor do you need an army to sit on the side. Courses will be simpler than those being used by the racing classes. This class was very popular in the 2019 regatta so hopefully some of you will brave the Autumn cold and extend your sailing season to make up for the late start to sailing this year.

The three classes racing each day are as follows


Class Start Time Name Description
1 9:30 IRC Only The serious racers with full crews (within Covid limitations) and expensive sexy black or brown sails
2 9:40 NHC Racers Less serious racers but who still want the extra challenge of spinnakers downwind
3 9:50 White Sails only The more cruising sailor with small crew and no spinnaker or cruising chute


As you can see we are starting the racers first so they are well away when the cruisers start.

Full race documents and entry forms etc are available on the Medway Yacht Club web site on the link below.


Of course Covid-19 has had an effect on how we are going to run the racing. The club’s Covid-19 team, together with Cruiser Class has set up policies and procedures for all to follow to ensure compliance with Government and RYA regulations and guidelines. As an organised team sport, the RYA has obtained for sailing an exemption from the “Rule of six” so you can sail with a full crew as long as you follow the RYA guidelines.

Each skipper is required to carry out a risk assessment before racing their boat. Full information on doing this is available on the RYA website.

When we receive your entry we will send you details of the Race Officer’s mobile phone to which you must send via text message your pre race declaration that you and all your crew are Covid-19 free and have all self checked for symptoms. After racing you must email the MYC office a full list of crew if needed by NHS track and trace. It is important that you do both these tings for every race. If not you will be excluded from racing. Nobody wants to be disqualified for not following a bureaucratic step. We have all done it, mostly only once.

Lets hope the weather and the virus let us enjoy the end of the season

Paul Smith

Cruiser Class Race Officer