Guidance To Race Officers Under Amended NOR & SI’s

Guidance to Race Officer under Amended NOR and SI’s


Please note these are the key changes:

  1. Each boat shall maintain a crew list such that track and trace can be instituted.  The helm or agent must submit his contact number on the signing on form and undertake to alert the MYC offices and all on his crew list should any of the boat’s crew become unwell.
  2. All races will be line starts and finishes, subject to where shortening of the course is directed by the Race Officer.
  3. The courses to be sailed will be contained in the 2020 In River Courses sheet, or be special lapping courses including buoy 30   but be restricted to courses sailed between Upnor Castle and buoy 23.
  4. The Race Officer will restrict sailing to conditions under 16 knots of wind for dinghies and under 21 knots for keelboats.   This is inclusive of sustained gusts and will be determined by the Race Officer with reference to live streaming from the IOSSC and Met office predictions.
  5.  Safety boat provision will be limited to one craft primarily supporting dinghies. This crew should be briefed prior to the race.
  6. There are two starts
    13.50 for Dragons Sonata and Squibs   Naval Numeral 9 (‘Squib flag’)
    1400 for dinghies ICF Numeral pennant 3 (‘Fast Handicap flag’)
  7. The starting sequence will require the automated start sequence to be triggered at 13.44 with the ‘more than one start’ button engaged.  The RO should then step outside operating the flag sequence manually.
  8. There is in the case of very limited numbers or special arrangement to have a single start.  In this case start will be at 1400 (automated start sequence triggered at13.54 using ‘one race’ button).  As above the RO should then step outside operating the flag sequence manually.
    ICF Numeral pennant 2 (‘Slow Handicap Flag’)
  9. If the RO varies the start sequence, they must make every effort to alert competitors.

Brian McKenzie Sailing Secretary September 2020