Updated Amendment (No 2) to the 2020 Sailing instructions FOR In-River and Windward/Leeward Racing

Updated AMENDment (No 2) to the 2020 Sailing instructions FOR In-River and Windward/Leeward Racing

  • This document amends and replaces, where there is a conflict, the MYC 2020 Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions for In River Racing and the Race Declaration form. Before racing in the first race of 2020 each owner or owner’s representative shall sign a new declaration form as amended in paragraph1.10 below.
  • Races while this amendment is in force will no longer be held at the dates and times published in the MYC Calendar owing to Covid 19 restrictions but a reduced sailing racing program will occur on a Saturday.
  • The expected start date is the 25 July 2020 and will continue until the suspension of this amendment or the end of the season.
  • The suspension of the full MYC Calendar program and in particular the Sunday racing program is seen a temporary measure and the Sailing Committee will keep under constant review this amendment to the NOR and sailing instructions with a commitment to resume the full or a fuller program as soon as possible where conditions allow.
  • Entry and participation is restricted to MYC members’ boats only.
  • Members using club facilities and site will do so at their own risk and must undertake their own assessment of vulnerability in potentially developing Covid 19. In particular members must make every effort to self-isolate if they have any underlying health or risk condition or any indication of being unwell.
  • Competitors will adhere to DOH social distancing guidance on the hard when rigging, launching retrieving and on the Trot boat.
  • All use of MYC club facilities and club site will conform to Mancom guidance as to managing the risk of transmission of Covid 19. For further information please contact MYC by telephone on 01634 718399, by email at office@medwayyachtclub.com   or see the MYC website at medwayyachtclub.com.
  • Each boat shall maintain a crew list such that track and trace can be instituted. This must be declared on the signing on form with contact numbers.
  • Entrants will make a declaration on the declaration form before sailing their first race confirming the following:

1.10.1 that they are aware of current government guidance on managing the risk of Covid 19 infection

1.10.2 that they will ensure 2 metre social distancing with crew from different households, or 1 metre with mitigation, on their boats

1.10.3 That no crew member will sail with any symptoms of COVID 19.

  • All races will be line starts and finishes, subject to where shortening of the course is directed by the Race Officer.
  • There will be 15 races over the season, ten to count. The club will donate a cup and prize for each class.
  • Only the Race Officer is to enter the race box.
  • The courses to be sailed will be contained in the 2020 In River Courses sheet, or be special lapping courses including buoy 30  but be restricted to courses sailed between Upnor Castle and buoy 23 with the exception that Cruisers may set their own course outside these limits.
  • The Race Officer will restrict sailing to conditions under 16 knots of wind for dinghies and under 21 knots for keelboats.   This is inclusive of sustained gusts and will be determined by the Race Officer with reference to live streaming from the IOSSC and Met office predictions.
  • Safety boat provision will be limited to one craft.
  • All competitors advised to carry VHF able to communicate on channel M1/37.
  • The starting sequence will be

13.50: Squib Dragon & Sonata                        Naval Numeral 9 (‘Squib flag’)

14.00: Dinghy Fast Handicap & Wayfarer      ICF Numeral pennant 3 (‘Fast Handicap flag’)

  • Should the Race Officer make a single start for all competitors the start sequence will be

14.00:  All competitors                                   ICF Numeral pennant 2 (‘Slow Handicap Flag’)



MYC Sailing Committee September 2020