Medway Yacht Welcomes a Return to Sailing

Dear Members

We would welcome you to return to sailing and enjoying being back on the Medway River.

Currently restrictions prevent organised sailing on any scale. However sailing while adhering to Government guidance on managing the corona virus and Mancom guidance on using the club facilities is now possible as the club site is open.

In general individuals or household groups up to six may sail at any time at their own discretion and at their own risk bearing in mind limited or absent local or national emergency marine services.

The key points are;

· The club house, office and workshops are closed until further notice.

· Change rooms and showers are not to be used.

· Toilet facilities are available (in the change rooms).

· At all times 2m social distancing between individuals of differing households must be observed on the hard.

· Where communal equipment is used – Lady Di, pressure hose, slipway winch, mast hoist – please clean your hands before and after.

· Please carry VHF radios.

· Please restrict yourself to sailing in benign conditions (under force four).

· Groups sailing together should ensure the safety of each other, including standing by should any boat get into trouble.


Sailing committee June 2020