MYC 200 Club Recent Winners

MYC 200 CLUB A draw took place on Wednesday 26th June 2019 at the Club

Tickets Drawn by:- Club Members under the guidance of Lord Kitch Winners for March 2019
1st Prize Ticket (57) £100 Drew Hibben 2nd Prize Ticket (42) £70 Ian Baron 3rd Prize Ticket (02) £40 Brian Cameron

Winners for April 2019
1st Prize Ticket (03) £70 Peter Aird 2nd Prize Ticket (45) £40 Liz Hulf Winners for MAY 2019 1st Prize Ticket (43) £70 Lorraine Wallis 2nd Prize Ticket (69) £40 Brian Corbett

A DRAW TAKES PLACE EVERY MONTH Don’t forget you have to be IN it to WIN it Entry Forms now available from the Office or email me for a copy

The preferred method of payment is by Standing Order £15 per Quarter or £60 per annum but we don’t say NO to whatever method you would like to use

At least 50% of subscriptions are used in the Prize Draw