Success for MYC Optimist sailor at KSSA New Racers

Three of our racing MYC Optimists attended the 2018 KSSA New Racers regatta held at Wilsonian SC on Saturday 16th of June. They joined a mix fleet of 28 boats that included Toppers, RS Tera’s and RS Feva’s. 


KSSA New Racers is a coached regatta and for those in their 1st and 2nd season of racing. The initial course set by the RO was a two leg reach through a gate, the plan was to alter the course between each race and introduce a true beat once the fleet had oriented themselves to the conditions. The reaching course favoured the larger Toppers and it was with great credit that our Optimist placed on handicap, 2nd, 4th and 16th in the first race.


However in the boisterous 12-15 knot South Easterly half the fleet began to struggle, especially as the tide turned. The RO kept the same course for the remaining three racers before sending the fleet ashore for a well deserved lunch. 


The fleet re-launched just as a few large black clouds rolled overhead. As the course was set for the afternoon session the wind strength increase and caused many capsizes. At one point the majority of the Feva and Tera sailors where swimming and put a lot of pressure on the safety crews to get everyone safely out of the water. Safety Officer Sam Chick called a halt to the proceedings and those still sailing reached back to the shore. Again credit to the MYC Oppies who waited patiently near the start line before the racing was abandoned. 


The regatta was decided on the four mornings races, MYC Optimist sailor Millie Lewis the winner with a 2-(4)-1-1 score line. A credible 13th o/a went to Sam Woodgate 16-(DNF)-7-12 and 16th o/a to Henry Lewis 4-14-(DNF)-23 who carried on sailing despite an injury caused when a Tera capzied on top of him during the 2nd race. 


The MYC Optimist racing team will be back in action at KSSA Bough Beech July 30th. 


Full results here

Race Results

Some video here 16/06/2018, 16:35