Cruiser Class Spring Series Race 5 Report (Div 1 & 2)

Division 1 report by Aaron Goodman–Simpson. Division 2 report by a mysterious, anonymous contributor.

Series results on Sailwave.

The Pirates Cave sponsored MYC Cruiser Class Spring Series came to a close on Sunday 22nd May. For the 5th and final race, committee boat “Offshore 1” (Fleet) set up near buoy 23 and awaited competitors whilst basking in the sun with a gentle 9-12 knots from the south west.

Division 1 Report

G - 16 (118)

IRC1 & NHC1 winner, Arcona 400 Full Tilt

As ever, the PRO set a multi-leg course back up river to buoys 26 and 27, before taking the ebb down river, which then involved several spinnaker hoists and short upwind legs.

The class 1 start was keenly contested with Full Tilt (Arcona 400), Hellaby (Quarter Tonner) and The Works (Projection 762) leading the fleet away, with Reefer x (X-99) being last away after totally messing up which side of the committee boat had the start line with 20 secs to go. So much for RTFM after last week!

With Reefer x eating dirt from everyone, a tack back onto starboard was required. After only a few minutes it was clear that the lead boats were getting a softer wind than that being experienced on the left hand Darnett shore. Reefer x started to make big gains here over the fleet beating up the other shore.

When the fleet rounded buoy 27 and set spinnakers the leading two boats were Reefer x and Full Tilt, both trying their best to pull away from the chasing bunch, led by Hellaby and The Works.

Full Tilt made great gains on Reefer x down to buoy 13, their code zero really delivering an increase in speed. So much so that the X-99 fully expected to be passed at the buoy. But this did not occur until the next upwind leg back to buoy 16 and only when Reefer x tried unsuccessfully to split with the Ancona to the left. It proved to be the wrong decision, proving that you should never try the same trick twice.

At buoy 16 Full Tilt took the lead, chased by Reefer x and then Hellaby, The Works and the rest of class 1. The fleet worked back up river in this order, with Full Tilt getting line honours over Reefer x.

Under IRC both Hellaby and Goodbye Mr Chips (Hunter Impala) beat the two leading boats on corrected time, whilst on NHC the order on corrected time was Goodbye Mr Chips, Reefer x, Full Tilt and Hellaby.

The overall Class 1 IRC series winner was Full Tilt (Arcona 400) with Reefer x (X-99) 2nd, pipping Goodbye Mr Chips (Impala 28) by way of a count back decision after finishing on the same points.

The overall Class 1 NHC series win was taken by Full Tilt (Arcona 400), with Valkyrie (Delher Optima 101) 2nd and Goodbye Mr Chips (Impala) 3rd.

Class 2 Report

If only your commentator had had the hot chili chicken before the race then things would have turned out differently (if the speed of passage is anything to go by).

It was a race of 4 boats, an orange boat, a white boat, a white boat with a red stripe and a helm glued to the starboard rear quarter and a smaller white boat who kept popping up in the most unexpected places.

Let me firstly deal with the orange pastie special. They got a really good start, first round the windward mark and away into the distance and that is all I have to say about them – other than when they appeared to be going backwards and the three white boats were catching her up there was great hope. This hope, like many in sailing, proved to be false.

So returning to the white boats. Suntrek and Quiet Air were enjoying a great race, swapping places at least 4 times. Tender Touch was never quite in touch, but gave the other two a fright when, with great skill and technical ability (fluke), they nearly caught the other two white boats by the forts.

wBy this time the orange boat or Little Flower (pretentious if written in French) had finished.

Suntrek made a superb dash for the line and crossed it the wrong way but a quick turn about meant they got a second. Quiet Air came home third followed by Never Quite In touch in 4th.

On a serious note, it has been a great series and thanks go to all that made it possible.

Class 2 NHC Series win was taken by Petite Fluer (Ecume de Mer), followed by Suntrek (GK24) 2nd and Tender Touch (Hunter 27 OD) 3rd.

MYC Cruiser Class would like to thank all those involved in this years Spring Series, from the various crew on Fleet (committee boat), all competitors, MYC staff and our 2017 Cruiser Class race sponsors, Pirates Cave.

We hope to see you all on the water throughout the season – please check out the calendar to see what’s coming next.